It's been a busy afternoon here iterating, polishing and playtesting a blog post to commemorate Team Fortress' one hundredth update. As often happens, we emerged from thirty minutes of Valve Time, covered with bed sores and sporting full beards, to discover weeks had passed. While we were out, somebody here shipped 19 more updates originally scheduled for release in 2008. At any rate, welcome to the 119th Update celebration, as we look back on three(ish) solid years of updates!
You knew we wouldn't make you read through a mess of self-congratulatory back-patting if there wasn't some free stuff for you at the end of it, right? Introducing the Primeval Warrior, Grizzled Veteran, Soldier of Fortune and Mercenary medals. Let those young punks know they're fighting alongside a REAL mercenary with some tours of duty under his hole-riddled belt. You've put blood on the ground in your time. And now you've got the metal on your chest to prove it, son.

Note: All date ranges based on GMT time.
Well it started by us first whetting your appetite with a few Meet the Team trailers.

And then we really got cooking...

September 20, 2007

  • Linux Dedicated Server beta release
  • Fixed not being able to issue rcon commands with empty strings like: rcon sv_password
  • Fixed refresh rate video mode issue
  • Fixed crash on opening the scoreboard after having changed between windowed and fullscreen
  • Fixed a hitch problem related to mouse updates happening too frequently
  • Fixed sentry muzzleflashes not drawing unless sentry was near the map origin
  • Fixed a crash during loading while starting the game in fullscreen mode
  • Disabled the loading of background maps
  • Exploit fix related to "join_team"

September 21, 2007

  • Removed background map due to incompatibilities
  • Optimized sound system
  • Fixed a Direct3d device restore problem causing crash and/or black screen
  • Fixed Windows Vista crash bug
  • Fixed achievement manager crash
  • Fixed occasional sniper zoom crash

September 26, 2007

  • Fixed a crash with ATI cards running on Vista
  • Fixed a networking problem that could cause a crash certain types of home networking hardware with out of date firmware installed
  • Fixed a networking problem that could cause some animation jittering
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect .dem files to be written (all files after first .dem file would be corrupted)
  • Fixed bug with placement of teleporters that could result in players being unable to move
  • Removed mp_friendlyfire cvar for servers. Team Fortress 2 breaks in a number of ways if this is on
  • Fixed some truncated strings in the destroy menu
  • Spectators can now see all player classes in the scoreboard
  • When a round finishes, if there's less than 5 minutes left on the timelimit, the server now goes ahead and switches level right away, instead of going into Sudden Death
  • The affinity of the main thread is not set explicitly for dedicated servers. This will properly load balance multiple instances of the dedicated server running on a multi-processor machine. The affinity is still set to CPU 1 for clients and listen servers
  • Fixed crash on startup
  • Fixed crash caused by .dlls being loaded from the user's path, instead of from the install directory

September 27, 2007

  • Added Team Fortress 2 events and cameras to SourceTV
  • Fixed memory fragmentation crash
  • Fixed prediction error that caused jittery sticky bomb launcher behavior
  • Fixed rare crash when creating muzzleflashes

September 28, 2007

  • Added option to change Field-of-view, between 75 & 90, from the Options->Multiplayer tab
  • Added option to disable Player sprays
  • Fixed flamethrower hit detection
  • Increased flamethrower damage at point blank range
  • Demoman grenades (not stickybombs) no longer explode on contact after the first bounce
  • Fixed a startup crash
  • Fixed a case where players could get stuck in tc_hydro
  • Fixed player movement prediction errors
  • Fixed third-person sniper aim animation not matching player's view exactly
  • Fixed achievements and stats being awarded when watching other player's demos
  • Fixed rare server crash due to data corruption in networking
  • Fixed a case where some sounds had incorrect volumes

October 2, 2007

  • Added "Very High" texture resolution option
  • Added "Minimal HUD" option to Options->Multiplayer
  • Fixed headshots not always registering for crouched players
  • Fixed player interpolation bug that caused jittery player animation in some cases
  • Fixed rare crash when players exited water
  • Fixed server crash related to Spy sappers
  • Fixed overlapping UI elements in Options->Video->Advanced
  • Fixed non-English language text overlapping in a few places
  • Fixed players being able to use spectator points in dustbowl that were not in play
  • Removed "listdeaths" command that could be abused by clients

October 5, 2007

  • Fixed certain crashes with paged pool memory
  • Added a warning for when paged pool memory is low
  • Fixed some prediction errors with player avoidance
  • Fixed columns and row bunching up in server browser
  • Fixed a rare bug where the wrong launcher.dll was being used to launch the game
  • Fixed teleporter/spawn doorway exploit

October 8, 2007

  • Fixed Heavy minigun exploit
  • Team Goals panels stop appearing after you've played a map several times
  • At map time limit, Sudden Death now only kicks in if teams are drawn
  • Sudden Death only starts in CTF mode if both flags are at home
  • Team Fortress 2 stats are only gathered when playing a real game
  • Added the player class counts in the class selection dialog

October 9, 2007

  • Improved driver checks for various cards that can have problems with specific driver versions
  • Various updates to Russian and Polish localization
  • Fixed loading screen and intro movie showing up on Windows Vista with full screen AA
  • Spies can no longer reload their revolver while cloaked
  • Demomen grenades now collide with players and Engineer buildings after the first bounce, but still won't explode on contact
  • Improved startup network initialization to catch issues with server firewalls popping up in the background
  • Fixed a sound corruption issue which could cause audio popping
  • Fixed achievement storage issues that caused a problem with the Head of the Class achievement

October 25, 2007

  • Improved compatibility for direct sound
  • Deathcam screenshots now move the player id panel to the lower right, and hide other hud elements until the freezecam fades
  • Improved autobalance calculation code when determining who to switch
  • Improved networking compatibility for some routers
  • Fixed a crash during level init related to model loading
  • Fixed issues on Dustbowl and Hydro that could occur when a server emptied in the middle of a round
  • Fixed a bug in the clientside player avoidance code, and smoothed it a little more
  • Further crash fixes related to paged pool memory usage
  • Fixed scoreboard team scores label getting cut off
  • Engineer buildings now explode when the Engineer dies during sudden death
  • Fixed a spy backstab exploit where you could stab a player who was not facing away from you
  • Fixed flailing at the low end of the cloak meter when the player gets uncloaked automatically
  • Fixed texture detail level setting "Very high" not being preserved
  • Improved various error messages, and added links to steampowered support pages
  • Fixed scoring problem where destroying a buildable added a phantom point, not attributed to any scoring bucket but still included in total score
  • Fixed honeypot server problems
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by a medigun losing its owner
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed disconnected medics to continue ubercharging their target until they timed out
  • TeamMenu now disables the spectate button if mp_allowspectators is zero
  • Added a missing "cannot_be_spectator" localization string
  • Re-added class count numbers above class buttons for non-zero classes, in addition to the class images
  • Removed prefixes (tc_, ctf_, etc.) from map names in various places where they're printed
  • Fixed some edge cases where grenades could go through player or buildings
  • Fixed rocket/grenade explosions being able to impart damage through thin ceilings
  • The Engineer's "build X" commands will now behave properly when bound directly to keys

October 31, 2007

  • Fixed problems with 3d sound in surround mode for some Audigy X-Fi users
  • Medigun no longer continues to heal enemy Spies who have lost their disguise
  • Fixed a weapon switching exploit that allowed Snipers to fire slightly faster than intended
  • Tweaked shadow filtering to make shadows look more smooth
  • Fixed Server Plugin "StartQueryCVarValue" falsely returning CvarNotFound for cvars that did exist
  • Fixed crash in HTML control in IE7 on page load, most often seen in the server Message of the Day
  • Fixed small memory leak in HTML controller
  • Made HTML output more compatible with new XHTML document styles
  • Fixed physics crash involving bad ragdoll friction values
  • Fixed detail sprite fading
  • Added anti-bunny hopping code

October 31, 2007

  • Fixed crash when viewing some HTML MOTDs

November 1, 2007

  • Fixed a performance regression

November 7, 2007

  • Improved paged pool memory tracking
  • Fixed crash on importing spray logo that claimed to be a valid jpeg file, but wasn't
  • Fixed Medic's uber-charge stats tracking
  • Fixed a bug in scoring Engineer building destruction
  • Engineers no longer earn points for using their own teleporters
  • Freezepanel hud improvements now trigger on usage of the "jpeg" command
  • Fixed Spies exploit enabling them to attack while disguising, without losing disguise
  • Fixed Spies being able to attach sappers through thin walls
  • Fixed several melee weapon switching exploits
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to teleport with the intelligence
  • Fixed a client crash related to MP3 playing
  • Improved client handling of stats when a connection couldn't be made to the stat servers. Fixes several cases of stat loss

November 15, 2007

Source Engine
  • Fixed a bug in networking that would cause long stalls (up to 10 seconds) when a split packet would not be reassembled properly, which forced a full update to all clients
  • General optimization to tracelines
  • Fix for broken .dem file playback
  • Added backward compatibility code to allow demos recorded with protocol 12 to continue to be playable under protocol version 13
  • When showing "WARNING: Connection Problem", now indicate the number of seconds remaining before an auto-disconnect will occur
  • Fixed a bug that would cause NULLNAME to be shown as the player's name in the scoreboard for a short time

  • Fixed exploit where spectators could spawn into the world without actually joining a team

Hydro map changes

  • Fixed an exploit that would allow players to jump out of the map

Granary map changes

  • Cover changes to the first capture points of both teams. Reduces some of the sight lines for defenders, and should make the area easier to capture
  • Teams that are holding more points will receive a greater spawn time bonus (spawn timer reduced for the winning team). This should help attacking teams build momentum
  • Minor visual tweaks to the BLU side between capture points 2 and 3
  • Clipped off a super high (demo pipe jump) perch in the middle area
  • Increased base round timer to 10 minutes
  • Added windows overlooking the final cap from the capture point 2 building (via new room next to conveyor route)
  • Minor changes to lighting in the middle area
  • Moved the middle spawn points farther forward (saves 6-7 seconds off a Heavy's run from this spawn to enemy capture point 2)
  • Reduced spawn advantage/penalty to a total of -/+ 6 seconds when on the final cap (from 10 seconds)
  • Fixed material alignment and model interpenetration issues in home spawn rocket rooms


  • Increased default bandwidth rate from 5 to 8 KB/sec for spectator clients
  • Increased SourceTV demo buffer size for table class descriptions from 64 to 96KB. Team Fortress 2 was running over this
  • Performance improvement for copying unreliable data buffers to SourceTV clients
  • Updated the list of events in TF2 tagged for the director to play

November 20, 2007

  • Changed some networking code to help alleviate the lagouts some clients are experiencing
  • Added sv_pure to the server, currently defaults to off. Type "sv_pure" in the console to get the full description
  • Added DoAskConnect command to serverplugin sample
  • Added server log entries for: Round_Start, Round_Setup_Begin, Round_Setup_End, Round_Overtime, Round_SuddenDeath, Round_Stalemate, Round_Win, Round_Length, Mini_Round_Selected, Mini_Round_Start, Mini_Round_Win, and Mini_Round_Length
  • Server log entries for Round_Win and level changes will now detail the team scores and player counts
  • Updated server log entries for flag captures to detail the number of captures and the tf_flag_caps_per_round value
  • Removed some legacy math convars for turning off SSE/MMX
  • Fixed terrain collision bug that allowed players to get under the terrain in some maps
  • Fixed jump/taunt exploit
  • Fixed Windows dedicated server running in -console mode moves its window to the front instead of the back upon startup
  • Fixed Windows dedicated server bug (in -console mode) where typing anything in the console window was slow and tedious
  • Fixed an error when updating name of 32nd player on server
  • Fixed extra ascii 0x01 character at the beginning of " connected" console spew
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a slight delay on engine startup

November 29, 2007

Source Engine
  • Took a more aggressive approach to solving the exploit that would allow players to get underneath terrain in Team Fortress 2
  • Fixed a regression with walking on terrain in Half-Life 2: Episode Two


  • Fixed building bone merge cache from dormant entities. Fixes weapons in SourceTV attached to wrong bones
  • Pass over spectator UI and scoreboard in SourceTV mode, disabled/changed some VGUI elements
  • ALT will switch to Auto-Director mode in SourceTV

November 29, 2007

Source Engine
  • Fixed surround sound not working properly when running Windows Vista
  • SourceTV relay proxies can record demos now with tv_autorecord 1
  • Fixed jittery demo playback

December 20, 2007

  • Sudden Death mode is now a server option (a convar) and defaults to OFF
  • Sapped buildings now take slightly less damage from the Spy who sapped them
  • The Medic's Medigun now charges at an increased rate during Setup time, to remove the need for self-damage grinding
  • Fixed an rcon/console command that could cause server crashes
  • Prevented players from playing the "civilian" class
  • Prevented players from hiding their name in the scoreboard
  • Fixed exploit where the Medigun UberCharge wouldn't drain if you switched weapons
  • Fixed decals not being correctly applied to the world in some cases
  • Fixed critical bullet tracers not being visible to players other than the firer
  • Fixed first person spectator view of the Spy watch not showing the correct cloak value
  • Fixed the teleporter's player shaped particles not drawing
  • Fixed the flamethrower stuttering when firing directly into a building
  • Fixed a rare crash that can happen when a player being healed leaves the server suddenly
  • Fixed rocket trail effects sometimes existing permanently in world
  • Added effects to players when they earn an achievement, visible to other players nearby
  • Tweaked achievement HUD fonts and color palette for more readability
  • Improved stat gathering for map play times to increase accuracy
  • Improved stat gathering around draws to better understand why they're occurring
  • Fixed occasional misreporting of syringe gun & fireaxe damage distances to the stats system
  • Fixed an occasional crash caused by an achievement not being found during a game announcement


  • Now waits until either team wins fully before changing to another map on server timelimit expiring
  • Teams now score a point per captured control point, rather than per sub round
  • Prevented Demomen being able to launch grenades into the stage three alleys while standing at the final cap point
  • Fixed gaps in stage gates that allowed snipers to kill defenders during setup
  • Fixed several model and brush perch exploits in stage three
  • Added stair access to the upper area in stage three after the first cap
  • Limited line-of-sight at the first control point in stage 3 to remove a griefable sniper spot

Source Engine

  • Fixed some audio buffer support issues with Vista
  • WorldVertexTransition under dxlevel 80 + 81 now correctly uses vertex alpha to blend the two textures
  • Improved the console in the graphical UI version of the dedicated server


  • Relay proxies can now record demos now with tv_autorecord 1
  • Fixed an interpolation code bug during demo playback that was resulting in view jitter
  • Added several TF specific game events to SourceTV auto director logic
  • Increased the average shot length by 2 seconds

December 21, 2007

  • Restricted sound engine updates to a max of 100fps
  • Fixed the problem with mp_maxrounds not correctly counting the number of rounds for Dustbowl after the scoring change
  • Fixed cloaked/disguised/disguising spy reporting his achievements to everyone else
  • Added the ability for servers to have map-specific .cfg files in the cfg folder (missed in yesterday's release notes)

December 22, 2007

  • Fixed an audio problem in the previous update where sound corruption could occur on some systems

December 31, 2007

  • Fixed "CUtlLinkedList overflow!" crash
  • Added player position data to server logging of events (player_death, player_builtobject, teamplay_flag_event, object_destroyed, teamplay_point_captured, teamplay_capture_blocked)
  • Improved mapcycle handling to ensure it always loads new mapcycles when the mapcyclefile convar is changed
  • Fixed sniper quick-switch exploit allowing them to avoid zoom/unzoom times
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to spawn into the enemy territory at the start of a round
  • Fixed syringegun projectiles sometimes pushing players high up into the air, allowing them to reach bad map locations
  • Removed an obscure rendering setting that would allow players to make cloaked spies appear fully black

January 7, 2008

  • Added an option in the Options->Multiplayer dialog to filter custom game files being downloaded from servers
  • Fixed cases where ragdolls were falling through the world
  • Graphics optimizations for mid and low end hardware
  • Fixed players blocking doors in Well
  • Fixed engineer building in exploit areas on final caps in Well
  • Increased starting round timer to 10 minutes in Well

January 15, 2008

  • Added new option for medigun beam to the Multiplayer->Advanced dialog. If on, the medigun beam will stay attached to the current target without the need to hold down the fire button
  • Added new option for the sniper rifle to the Multiplayer->Advanced dialog. If disabled, the sniper rifle won't re-zoom after firing a zoomed shot
  • Added "nextlevel" server cvar. If set to a valid map name, server will change to that map during the next changelevel
  • Fixed PerfUI being used as a type of wall-hack on servers without sv_cheats set to 1
  • Reduced Granary spawn advantage for capping the middle point
  • Fixed players turning into "Scout" model after lagouts (and a variety of related issues, such as disappearing doors)
  • Fixed obscure crash related to resolution changing

January 15, 2008

  • Fixed medigun effect not being removed if the medic changed class while healing
  • Fixed being able to zoom too quickly after firing a zoomed shot

January 25, 2008

  • Added new capture the flag map CTF_Well
  • Added Spanish map descriptions
  • Added new option to auto-save a scoreboard screenshot at the end of a map to the Multiplayer->Advanced dialog
  • Added more particle optimizations for mid range and low end hardware
  • Updated CP_GravelPit to fix all known exploits and changed the scoring method to score per capture rather than per round
  • Updated "nextlevel" CVAR to trigger a changelevel at the end of the current round (not mini-round)
  • Fixed SourceTV demo recording problem
  • Fixed mp_stalemate_enable not preventing Sudden Death mode on some maps
  • Fixed a couple cases where player stats were not being recorded correctly
  • Fixed some log entries being truncated
  • Fixed crash caused by trying to import a custom player spray
  • Removed the "Reset Stats" button from the Player Stats screen

February 14, 2008

Source Engine
  • Refactored how lightmaps are downloaded to the graphics card at level load. On some hardware configurations this can lower level load times significantly
  • Optimized some particle systems to improve performance on some hardware configurations
  • Player stats are now sent up as they change, rather than when the player dies
  • Improved playback of sub-frame sounds
  • Fixed a crash caused by alt-tabs during map load
  • Eliminated unnecessary temporary memory allocation in scenefilecache

Team Fortress 2

  • Badlands released
  • Changes to Dustbowl
    • Added a new access point to the stage2 attacker gates (drop-down left from spawn), allowing attackers a way to reach the left route without being subjected to the spam and sentry gun fire
    • Fixed a gap in stage 3, cap 1 that allowed a player with to wiggle above the "ceiling" clip
    • Fixed a gap behind stage 1, cap 1 house
    • Fixed a high perch on stage1 cap1 house roof
    • Fixed a perch offering view of nodraw textures and the skybox (stage1 cap2 rock barrier)
    • Fixed a few places where rockets/demoman pipes could pass through non-solid models
    • Sealed up a gap over stage1 lower startgate
    • Clipped off tall windows in stage 3 to prevent sentry guns from behind built behind them
  • Changes to Capture the Flag Well
    • Fixed trains not starting on map spawn
    • Removed cap association from red spawns that were spamming console
  • Changes to Granary
    • Removed spawn timing advantage from the middle (from -3 to 0)
    • Fixed several model perch exploits (red, blue cp1 gate and blue cp2 gate pipe)
    • Fixed a few places where players could get stuck between containers and silos
    • Adjusted playerclips on red container that made it appear like players were floating
  • Added a small delay (200 ms) before a zoomed sniper shot can get a critical hit
  • Added server side convar mp_fadetoblack. Same functionality as Counter-Strike, used mainly during in-person tournaments and LAN events
  • Added flamethrower "sizzle" sound when the Pyro is hitting a target
  • Updated explosion debris to be a bit darker
  • Fixed idle players not being kicked from the server if mp_allowspectators was set to 0
  • Added ctf_well to the default mapcycle.txt file
  • Added ctf_well to the default motd.txt file
  • Fixed floor tile material type
  • Fixed some weapon damage info missing from TF2 game stats
  • Made some small changes to the Demoman viewmodel that were causing performance problems
  • Added a new timer to the HUD to show the value of mp_timelimit. This is useful if you're playing a timed match on 2Fort, where you only set a timelimit on the server and no other win conditions.
  • Added server log entry for buildings destroyed by their owner
  • Fixed sentry gun shadows being clipped
  • Updated glass material


  • SourceTV now uses a hidden slot on the game server. This allows for 24 player servers to also have a SourceTV proxy connected to it
  • Fixed Pyro's flamethrower flames not showing up in SourceTV

February 15, 2008

  • Fixed server crash with mp_forcecamera set to 1 (reverted to pre-release behavior)
  • Fix stat records sometimes being attributed to the wrong class
  • Fixed the SourceTV changes not working unless servers launched with +tv_enable 1 in the command line
  • Game server will now try 32 sequential ports to start up on if they are all originating on the same machine. Previously it would stop at 10

February 19, 2008

  • Fixed Badlands exploits and missing textures
  • Fixed tv_enable resetting maxplayers value
  • Fixed a case where a spy stabbing from the front of a player would score a backstab
  • Fixed stats being reported incorrectly for some players
  • Dropped weapons now replenish half of your max ammo when picked up
  • Added exec'ing a cfg\.cfg file on the client when you select a class to play (for real this time!)
  • Reverted mp_forcecamera changes from previous release and set TF2 default back to 1

February 28, 2008

Added "Custom" tab to the server browser
  • Servers can now specify metatags describing the custom rules they've adopted
  • Players can use tag filtering to find servers running the custom rules they want to play
  • Added options for servers who want to become custom games: Disable critical hits (tf_weapon_criticals), eliminate respawn times (mp_disable_respawn_times), and raise maxplayers above 24

Initial release of Tournament mode (mp_tournament)

  • UI for handling team naming, ready mode, and win results
  • Disables team player limits, autobalancing, and intermission

Class balancing

  • Reduced Soldier's maximum rocket reserve ammo from 36 to 16
  • Reduced Demoman's maximum sticky bomb reserve ammo from 30 to 16
  • Reduced Demoman's maximum grenade launcher reserve ammo from 40 to 24


  • Added protection against voice command spamming. Dramatic reduction in teleporters needed
  • Fixed mp_timelimit ending the map during the middle of a round on maps like Dustbowl and GravelPit
  • Fixed "lastdisguise" command not remembering if you were disguised as your own team
  • Added "Toggle Disguise Team" binding in Options->Keyboard to toggle the disguise team for the Spy's PDA
  • Changed PDA menus to accept keys bound to "slot1", "slot2", etc., and "slot10" cancels
  • Fixed Spectator targetID not using team colors
  • Changed team autobalance code to not balance the teams when the active round timer shows less than 60 seconds
  • Fixed "-maxplayers" on the command line not correctly setting the maxplayers value for the server
  • Fixed Badlands never having Sudden Death triggered
  • Fixed Engineer being able to detonate buildings that are being sapped
  • Changed Engineer buildings to detonate when a player disconnects instead of blinking out
  • Fixed potential client crash for players being healed by a Medic or dispenser
  • Made several improvements to server-side stat reporting (not related to individual player stats)

February 29, 2008

  • Fixed Internet and Custom tabs in the ServerBrowser not correctly displaying the server info when going back and forth between the two tabs

March 6, 2008

  • Removed sv_alltalk from the list of convars that affect custom server tags
  • Fixed Demoman grenades not hurting the shooter if fired at point blank range against a target
  • Fixed critical modifier for explosive weapons (rockets, pipe bombs) increasing critical chance more than intended
  • Fixed Sudden Death "seconds have passed" string not including the amount of seconds that have passed
  • Fixed Internet and Custom tabs in the Server Browser not correctly displaying the server information for servers when going back and forth between the two tabs
  • Updated the URL used for the "Click for more info on custom servers" link on the Custom tab
  • Fixed a crash for a sound channel getting created without wavedata
  • Fixed Setup timer not showing the correct percentage in the circular progress bar
  • Fixed being able to enter a "spectate" command in the client console to join team Spectator when mp_allowspectators is set to 0
  • Fixed SourceTV servers not being displayed in the Spectate tab for servers with custom server tags
  • Fixed servers with maxplayers <= 24 that are running SourceTV having the "increased_maxplayers" tag added for their server
  • Added mp_tournament_restart command to be used with Tournament Mode (mp_tournament). This can be used at any time to return to the "Waiting for Teams" state
  • When a tournament match ends it now returns to the "Waiting for Teams" state

March 13, 2008

  • Fixed Linux dedicated server map load problems on certain Athlon processors

March 20, 2008

  • Updated versions of CP_Dustbowl, CP_Badlands, and CTF_Well with several exploit fixes
  • Fixed Linux build not handling FCVAR_REPLICATED and FCVAR_NOTIFY cvars correctly
  • Plugged an exploit where the server could send executable code to the client
  • Fix client crash on exit while processing game stats
  • Updated the Stats Summary screen to remember your previous selections each time you open the menu and while changing levels
  • Added mp_stalemate_at_timelimit ConVar for server admin to allow SuddenDeath when mp_timelimit hits on non-Valve maps
  • Updated CTF mode to remember the player who stole the intelligence from the enemy base and reward that player if the flag is captured by someone else
  • Replace underscores in map names with spaces so custom maps with names like cp_gravel_pit will show as "GRAVEL PIT"
  • Hitting F4 while the tournament mode "Ready" countdown is active won't automatically set a team to "Not Ready"
  • Fixed auto-screenshots not being taken at the end of the map during tournament mode
  • Fixed gates being closed during the pre-round time during tournament mode
  • Fixed GetDynamicBaseline crash
  • Fixed rare animation triggered sound crash

April 1, 2008

  • Added Custom Tab explanation dialog to be shown the first time the server browser is opened
  • Changed Medigun Ubercharge meter to drain faster for each target that still has Ubercharge beyond your current target. This means there is a penalty for having multiple people being Ubercharged at one time
  • Fixed crouch-jump exploit that allowed players to get outside of the world
  • Fixed bad characters in the chat string when achievements are announced in languages other than English
  • Fixed a few instances of truncated text in the menus and dialogs for languages other than English
  • Fixed problem that was preventing some dedicated servers from uploading gamestats
  • Fixed scoring bug during Sudden Death when the map timelimit is triggered
  • Added the string "(extra slot was added for SourceTV)" when maxplayers is increased for SourceTV

April 2, 2008

  • Fixed Linux dedicated server crash on map change

Gold Rush Update

April 29, 2008

Source Engine
  • Improved particle performance on multi-core machines
  • Added FOV slider to Options | Video | Advanced for all games (moved there from TF2’s multiplayer options)
  • Fixed surround sound initialization problems with new speaker modes defined in Vista

Team Fortress 2

  • Added Goldrush
  • Added Character Info and Loadout to the main menu
  • Added 39 Medic achievements
  • Added unique Medic items:
    • The Blutsaugher, The Kritzkrieg, and The Ubersaw
  • Added new attack animations to most melee weapons
  • Added new speech for the Heavy and Demoman
  • Added Stopwatch mode to Tournament mode
    • Automatically used on Attack/Defense maps
  • Teleporter effect no longer shows up on invisible or disguised Spies
  • Spies disguised as their own team can now capture control points
  • Increased force taken by pipebombs by bullets and explosions
  • Target ID hud is now colored red or blue to match the spectator target
  • Tournament mode no longer ends matches early if the time limit is nearly up when a new round starts
  • Fixed exploit where clients could start benchmark mode on servers
  • Fixed drowning exploit that allowed players to regenerate health
  • Fixed reload exploit that allowed plays to fire instantly after switching weapons
  • Fixed flamethrower bug where a player flush against a wall couldn't be lit on fire from the front
  • Fixed invulnerability overlay not drawing if the invuln player was previously on fire
  • Fixed "times used" entry in teleporters maxing out at 32
  • Fixed rare client crash on level change during control point capturing
  • Minor fix to stat gathering to prevent players using sv_cheats to easily garner achievements
For mapmakers
  • Mapmakers can now directly place the tf_gamerules entity into their map. Fixes Hammer thinking the inputs to it are broken
  • Mapmakers can now place Engineer buildings directly into a map, with an option for them to be invulnerable
  • Added "AddRedTeamScore" and "AddBlueTeamScore" inputs to tf_gamerules
  • Added "SetRequiredObserverTarget" input to tf_gamerules. Force spectators to use the specified viewpoint
  • Added setup time logic, and gates to the middle
  • Fixed an overlay alignment bug on one of blue's gate signs
  • Minor lighting fixes in red/blue spawns
  • Added medium ammo and health to basement hallways
  • Added small ammo and health to top of spiral
  • Fixed a clip brush exploit outside blue sniper deck
  • Fixed number "2" overlay on front of red base not being assigned to the brush face

April 30, 2008

Team Fortress 2 Client
  • Removed TF2 achievement console commands

Team Fortress 2 Server

  • Fixed clients being able to trigger sv_soundscape_printdebuginfo on the server
  • Fixed potential "nuke" exploit in rcon subsystem

May 2, 2008

  • Fixed Kritzkrieg client crash in particle system
  • Fixed Milestone 2 and Milestone 3 achievements being given at the incorrect times
  • Fixed exploit where players could drop weapons onto the ground for other players to pickup

May 5, 2008

  • Fixed unlimited UberCharge exploit
  • Fixed charge effect getting stuck on the Kritzkrieg when changing class/weapons

May 7, 2008

  • Fixed clients getting the "Reliable snapshot overflow" error
  • Fixed another unlimited UberCharge exploit
  • Fixed elevators not working in user maps
  • Networking optimizations

May 9, 2008

  • Fixed several issues with the Family Practice achievement. Players with 10/10 progress that have not been awarded the achievement will get the achievement the next time they UberCharge any Steam friend
  • Fixed toggle-fire option for the Medigun preventing players from earning the Second Opinion achievement
  • Fixed The Kritzkrieg not charging faster than the Medigun
  • Fixed issue that was preventing players from using their new Medic items on some servers
  • Fixed melee weapons not being affected by The Kritzkrieg's critboost
  • Fixed Server Browser sometimes refreshing in the background on startup when it wasn't visible

May 21, 2008

  • Fixed mat_queue_mode crash during level transitions
  • Fixed rapid weapon switching allowing Medics to prevent deployed UberCharges from draining
  • Improved prediction of Spy's speed changes when disguising
  • Fixed Stopwatch panel not updating if level designer ends round by hand instead of letting the gamerules end it
  • Optimized particle traces on multi-core machines
  • Fixed tracers sometimes firing with the wrong team color
  • Fixed rapid-fire weaponry critical hit checks getting out of synch between the server and client
  • Fixed map exploits in Gold Rush

June 11, 2008

  • Particle rendering/simulation performance increase
  • Changed video options initialization to fix some HUD resolution problems in mods
  • Fixed crash issuing the last disguise command when not connected to a server
  • Fixed rare crash on exit
  • Fixed a couple of issues with gamestats reporting incorrect values
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed clients to crash servers

June 11, 2008

  • Allow Mods to set which ConVars control the sv_tags settings
  • Support custom Russian TF2 fonts
  • Particle rendering/simulation performance increase (missed from the previous update)

TF2 Blog

June 18, 2008

  • The silence is broken as our first official blog post goes live

The Pyro Update

June 19, 2008

  • Added 2 community maps: cp_fastlane and ctf_turbine


  • Added alt-fire compression blast to the basic flamethrower
  • Added The Axtinguisher, The Backburner, and The Flare Gun
  • Hadouken taunt now kills people it hits
  • Tuned the flamethrower hit detection to improve detection versus retreating opponents
  • Removed Flamethrower's damage falloff (was falling off to 25% by the end)


  • Added a route from the forward central foyer up to the battlements
  • Redistributed health and ammunition throughout the bases


  • Added a route from the forward central foyer up to the battlements
  • Removed central building, reduced overall map length
  • Redistributed health and ammunition throughout the bases

Other Notes

  • Removed Soldier's 40% damage reduction from his own rockets. Does not affect rocket jumps
  • In-game avatar images will now have a badge around them if the player is your friend
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to move around in a reference pose
  • Added custom death icons for unlockable weapons
  • The player join team message now specifies whether the player used the auto team option
  • Payload maps now support four control points per stage
  • Achievement dialog will stay open when you're moving in & out of the game and the main menu
  • Added full Russian localization, with both fonts & speech
  • Returned the "Report a Bug" option to the main menu

June 20, 2008

  • Fixed "Hot on your Heels" counting non-flamethrower based kills
  • Fixed some Pyro achievements not working on some servers
  • Fixed Compression Blast and Flare Gun trail particles on DX8
  • Fixed Spy cloaked as Scout in response rules for all classes

June 20, 2008

  • Fixed "Hot on your Heels" counting non-flamethrower based kills
  • Fixed some Pyro achievements not working on some servers
  • Fixed Compression Blast and Flare Gun trail particles on DX8
  • Fixed Spy cloaked as Scout in response rules for all classes

June 23, 2008

  • Reduced Medic's unlockable requirements to match that of the Pyro's. Medic players now meeting the requirements will receive their unlockables shortly after joining a server
  • Fixed Spy sapper viewmodel animation popping
  • Fixed another issue with the Hot on your Heels achievement
  • Incorporated the new Russian fonts into the base Team Fortress 2 fonts. Fixes the missing fonts problem when running in Russian with English VO

July 1, 2008

  • Fixed backburner's flame critical hits not being recalculated after collision. This meant that it would check if the target was looking away once and after that the flame could score a critical hit again even if the orientation changed
  • Added back some damage falloff to the Pyro's flamethrower. Not nearly as extreme as it was before the Pyro class pack
  • Fixed bug that caused Demomen to take a small amount of extra damage from their own grenades and fly farther using them
  • Fixed spy getting stuck in players after removing his disguise
  • Fixed spy stabbing and being able to go invisible instantly
  • Fixed spy disguised as enemy medic being able to spam voice commands
  • Fixed buffed health not decaying properly after being healed by a dispenser
  • Selectable menus can now be operated with number keys even if they are not bound to slot1, slot2, etc.
  • Removed the remaining speed adjustments for carrying intelligence (a couple of game modes still reduced your maxspeed)
  • Fixed a buildable item placement bug where the object would not rotate after the user tried to place in an invalid location

July 3, 2008

  • Fixed a memory leak affecting both clients and servers
  • Fixed a malicious packet exploit

July 8, 2008

  • Fixed rcon crash caused by too many incorrect password attempts
  • Fixed clients experiencing connection problems during round restarts
  • Fixed flares not always being removed on impact
  • Fixed 32 player servers not working correctly with SourceTV enabled
  • Fixed dropped flags sometimes falling through the world
  • Fixed number key menu input sending 2 key events
  • Fixed PING field being clipped in the scoreboard at 800x600 resolution
  • Fixed broken Medigun taunt
  • Changed mat_showmiplevels to only be allowed when cheats are on

July 29, 2008

  • Fixed team switches on Attack/Defense maps spamming the console
  • Fixed the Kritzkrieg not working on servers with crits turned off
  • Fixed some clipped localized strings in various in-game dialogs
  • Fixed several cases where files were synchronously loaded while the game was running
  • Fixed a shutdown crash in the material system
  • Cached rendering of item model panels to improve performance, in particular while weapon selection was visible
  • Added a gear symbol behind the health bar for Engineer buildings, in both target IDs and freeze panels
  • Players killing themselves will now give a kill credit to the last enemy who damaged them
  • Fixed grenades, rockets, and flamethrower being able to fire through grates at round starts
  • Fixed players being killed and creating ragdolls during team switches
  • Fixed various exploits and performance problems in CP_Badlands, CP_Well, and CP_Fastlane
  • Removed health bonus from the Backburner

August 4, 2008

  • Fixed _resetgamestats command causing server crash.
  • Fixed clients earning achievements when a player they've recently damaged suicides

A Heavy Update

August 19, 2008

Added 3 Heavy unlockables
  • Natascha, The Sandvich, The Killing Gloves of Boxing
  • Added 35 new Heavy achievements

Added Arena game mode

  • 5 arenas: Lumberyard, Ravine, Well, Granary, Badlands

Added 2 new maps

  • Badwater Basin, a new payload map
  • cp_steel, a community map by Jamie "Fishbus" Manson


  • Added server map timeleft to upper right of scoreboard
  • Added new firing sounds to The Backburner
  • Removed the Custom Tab in the serverbrowser, and added the Tags field to the base Internet Tab
  • Increased The Kritzkrieg's uber-charge rate bonus from 10% to 25%
  • 32 player servers can now support an extra slot of SourceTV
  • Made the freezecam item panel description easier to read
  • Players now broadcast whether they chose a team directly or use autoteam
  • Added proper handling of cart blocking recognition to Payload maps

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where switching from flaregun-wielding Pyro to another class meant you didn't get a full ammo loadout on first spawn
  • Fixed Spy watch arm not using team skins
  • Fixed weapon switching preventing you from using secondary attacks for a 0.2s window after the primary became available
  • Fixed players getting stuck in a bad animation state when class switching while spinning the minigun
  • Fixed a loophole that allowed players to pickup weapons of other classes
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in players earning more crit chance bonus in large, single damage events than they are supposed to
  • Fixed an issue with the floating HUD +X health indicators that resulted in them appearing incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug which caused the minigun spinning & firing sounds to occasionally stop while the Heavy was still firing
  • Fixes the Loadout player model panel causing the in-game player facial animation to perform incorrectly
  • Fixed spectators not having the target ID labels display correctly
  • Fixed the cart alarm sound occasionally getting stuck on in Payload maps

August 20, 2008

  • Fixed an invalid skin crash on TF weapons
  • Fixed a viewmodel related crash when switching classes away from Medic
  • Fixed not getting the Arena team menu after watching the intro movie on Arena maps
  • Fixed some problems with localized text

August 21, 2008

  • Fixed startup crash related to loading the tf2_playerstats.dmx file
  • Fixed material system crash
  • Added -noborder command line option to play windowed-mode with no border

August 26, 2008

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct Arena stats from being uploaded

October 21, 2008

  • Added rate limit for several client commands to prevent server spamming
  • Added consistency checking for particle systems
  • Updated r_particle_timescale ConVar so it can only be changed if the server has sv_cheats set to 1
  • Updated loading/disconnect dialogs so they're easier to read
  • Updated Dustbowl, Granary, and Badwater Basin with several exploit fixes
  • Updated Granary to remove the setup time and gates

October 22, 2008

  • Removed consistency check for some particle systems that players like to customize

January 7, 2009

  • The Engineer's teleporters can now be upgraded to level three. It will recharge faster the higher level it is
  • The Engineer's dispensers can now be upgraded to level three. It will give out metal and heal faster as it is upgraded
  • Spies will be able to recharge their cloaking ability by picking up ammo off of the ground or from health cabinets
  • Some changes to the second part of the first stage of Goldrush to give the attackers more of an advantage
  • Any weapons that fire bullets (shotguns, sniper's machine gun, heavy's minigun, etc.) can now break apart the Demoman's stickybombs
  • The icon on the HUD for a person calling for Medic will now give more information to the medic (if the target is low on health, on fire, etc.)
  • Added an achievement tracker that will allow people to choose specific achievements that they are trying to get
  • There is now a custom icon for death messages when the player was killed from a critical hit
  • Added a new particle effect for when a player enters the water
  • Added smoke to the feet of a rocket jumping soldier
  • Players will now have some particles swirling around them so other players can see when they are overhealed

January 7, 2009

  • Fixed overheal particle effect showing up incorrectly on disguised or cloaked spies
  • Changed the achievement tracker to only be available in Team Fortress 2
  • Added new teleporter sounds for upgrade levels 2 and 3
  • Fixed engineers being able to upgrade the bomb cart's dispenser found in Payload levels
  • Fixed bomb cart's dispenser being solid to players and projectiles

January 12, 2009

  • Added a Quick List view to the serverbrowser

January 28, 2009

  • Added percentage to UberCharge HUD panel for the Medic
  • Added upgrade progress and levels to Engineer HUD panel for all buildings
  • Added mp_tournament_allow_non_admin_restart server ConVar to allow server admin to toggle whether non-admin players can issue the mp_tournament_restart ConCommand on the server. Default is 1 (current behavior)
  • Added flag to the gamerules entity so map authors can override the HUD type being used. Allows map authors to force CTF or CP HUD to be used if they mix CTF/CP entities in the map
  • Added check in CTF HUD to make sure it doesn't point at disabled capture zones when the player is carrying the flag. Allows map authors to have more than one capture zone for each team in the map
  • Changed AutoTeam to give new players to the attackers on attack/defend maps if the teams are even
  • Fixed Pyro model not animating in the class menu
  • Fixed players getting stuck in the "prepare to respawn..." countdown loop
  • Fixed Natascha not getting the proper 75% of damage and slightly increased the strength of Natascha's slowdown
  • Fixed teleporter entrance/exit effects being drawn when they don't have a matching teleporter entrance/exit
  • Fixed announcer saying "the cart is nearing the checkpoint" after the round has already been won
  • Fixed cloaked spies having a particle-beam effect while standing next to a dispenser that's healing them
  • Fixed server crash when trying to load a map that contains control points with duplicate index values
  • Fixed several materials warnings in the console
  • Fixed "Cart.Explode" sound script entry using an unknown sound channel
  • Marked the cl_bobcycle and cl_bobup ConVars as cheats
Team Fortress 2
  • Fixed clients using reloadresponsesystems, sv_soundemitter_flush, sv_soundemitter_filecheck, sv_findsoundname, and sv_soundscape_printdebuginfo to lag/crash servers
Source Engine
  • Fixed client "timeout on mapchange" problem
  • Fixed setinfo exploit
  • Marked the r_aspectratio ConVar as a cheat
Server Browser
  • Renamed "Quick List" to "Map List"
  • Removed minimum ping filter from Map List

February 2, 2009

New client features
  • Added Viewmodel FOV slider to advanced multiplayer options
  • Added a hide viewmodel option to advanced multiplayer options
  • Added custom crosshair support
    • Added crosshair image, scale, and color settings to the Options->Multiplayer settings tab
    • Moved HUD minimal mode & Disable Spray options into the Advanced Multiplayer settings
  • Added "open_charinfo_direct" command that opens the loadout directly to the class you're currently playing
    • Replaced the "Open Loadout" entry in the options->keys dialog with this new command. Rebind / reset your config to defaults to use it
New server features
  • Added "tf_damage_disablespread" convar to disable the 25% damage spread on all damage
  • Added class limit support to tournament mode
    • Set the "tf_tournament_classlimit_X" convars to the max number of class X allowed
  • Added "tf_tournament_hide_domination_icons" convar, that allows a tournament mode server to force clients not to display domination icons over their nemeses
Gameplay changes
  • Modified critical hit calculation. Overall, critical hit chance is now much more recent-performance based:
    • Base chance is now 2% (was 5%).
    • Bonus range based on damage done changed from 0%-15% to 0%-10
    • Damage range required for bonus changed from 0-1600 to 0-800
  • Reduced random damage spread applied to all player damage from +-25% to +-10%
  • Slight reduction (improvement) of the minigun's spread
  • Increased flare direct hit damage from 20 to 30
  • Rewrote Natascha's slowdown code to be more consistent
  • Sniper rifle now supports Crit Boost state like all other weapons (i.e. Kritzkrieg makes all shots critical hits)
  • Stealthed spies are no longer able to pickup the intelligence. They must uncloak first
  • Increased soldier primary ammo count from 16 to 20
  • Fixed crash when running in tools mode
  • Added UTIL_IsCommandIssuedByServerAdmin() checks to several "physics_" CON_COMMAND scripts to prevent clients issuing the commands
  • Fixed bug in teleporter logic that allowed engineers to build teleporters with HUGE health values
  • Fixed matching teleporter not getting a health buff when the pair is upgraded (only the tele you were hitting got the health buff)
  • Fixed Medic UberCharge percentage in minimal-HUD mode

February 16, 2009

  • Sticky bombs now get a reduced close range damage ramp up (like Rocket Launcher & Syringe Gun)
    • Ultimately reduces damage done by sticky bombs to enemies < 512 units from the Demoman
  • Moved the unlockable system over to the new item backend:
    • Added a warning dialog to the loadout screen telling clients when the server they're on could not get their loadout
  • Made "tf_damage_disablespread" a replicated convar, so clients can see the value of it on the server they're connected to
  • Renamed "mp_stalemate_at_timelimit" to "mp_match_end_at_timelimit", to better explain its function now that stalemate is optional
  • Fixed muzzle flashes & shell ejections still playing when viewmodels are hidden
  • Server tags can now be used to include or exclude servers from the list
Team Fortress 2
  • Protected several more commands from client exploitation

February 17, 2009

Orange Box Engine
  • Updated the engine to report SteamIDs using the Steam_0 format instead of Steam_1
  • Fixed problems in Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Portal, and Source mods running the current Orange Box engine
  • Reverted the change that capped rate at 30000

February 18, 2009

  • Fixed loadout exploit

February 20, 2009

Orange Box Engine
  • Fixed stats and achievements not working in Half-Life 2: Episode Two and Portal
  • Fixed incompatibilities with MODs

The Scout Update

February 24, 2009

New features
  • Added The Force-A-Nature, The Sandman, and Bonk!
  • Added 35 new Scout achievements
  • Added crit boosted on/off sound effects
  • Added new sounds for upgraded teleporters
  • Added new sound for a fully charged medic dying
  • Add bonus points section to scores
    • Scouts earn a bonus point for killing Medics who are actively healing a target
  • Added several new speech concepts, mostly hooked up to new Scout lines
  • Added new "Remember last weapon between lives" option to the Multiplayer Advanced dialog
  • Spies can now control which weapon the enemy team sees them holding. Hitting the "last disguise" key while disguised updates the disguise to show the Spy's currently held weapon
  • Added several new Arena mode announcer speech events.
  • Added "First Blood" to Arena mode
  • Removed 2x item respawn times in arena
  • Changed backstab handling to fix facestabs
  • Spies disguised as enemy team can now see player IDs for enemies
New maps
  • Added community maps: cp_egypt, arena_watchtower, and cp_junction
  • Updated cp_fastlane with Arttu's new version
Mapmaker requests
  • Added new input for forward speed modifier to FuncTrainTrain
  • Added TeleportToPathTrack input to func_tracktrain
  • Fixed a bug where players would sometimes gib from non-gib damage kills
  • Fixed stat screen showing an entry for a class called "map."
  • Fixed item model panels not using team skins
  • Fixed obscure bug where spectators were able to carry the flag

February 25, 2009

Gameplay changes
  • Removed the damage reduction against non-stunned enemies on the new bat
  • Players with full health can now pick up dropped sandviches
  • Reverted the change that treated chat text starting with / as a command instead of passing it through as chat
  • Fixed a crash related to baseball impacts
  • Fixed the Heavy's hands disappearing when he's stunned while wearing the KGB
  • Fixed the BONK! particles appearing in the air when the bat's taunt kill is used on a target
  • Fixed Force-A-Nature description not fitting inside the item window
  • Fixed the Axtinguisher

March 5, 2009

Gameplay changes
  • Added a duck timer that prevents duck spamming while running around on-ground
  • In-air, players are only allowed to duck once before they touch ground again
  • Fixed several bounding box issues with jumping, falling, and rocket jump air-walking. Bounding box should be much more accurate there now
  • Increased backstab check so that Spies can side-stab again
  • When disguising, Spies now always start showing the primary weapon in their disguise, and can then switch it with the last-disguise key
TF2 Fixes
  • Fixed flamethrower loophole that resulted in the flame effect being stuck on while the flamethrower wasn't really firing
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to circumvent the force-fire timeout on the pipebomb launcher
  • Fixed a bug that caused Natasha's slow on hit effect to be inverted from 75% to 25%
  • Restored sawmill_logs.mdl file, fixing some user maps that used it
  • Fixed some localization issues with Scout achievement strings
  • Removed the "Final" phrasing in the map loading screen
Engine fixes
  • Fixed a server crash on startup under Linux
  • Fixed a buffer overflow issue related to network string tables
  • Gamestats uploading is now done asynchronously. This fixes the client timeout issues on map changes
  • Fixed an exploit where engineers could build a teleporter exit in an invalid area
  • Fixed a few bad overlay assignments and other minor issues

March 6, 2009

  • You can now duck twice in the air. Scout double jumps reset the in-air jump counts
  • Increased the jump velocity to account for the tuned bounding box sizes. Jump height should now match the prior-to-last-update heights
  • Added "tf_clamp_airducks" convar, set to 1 by default
    • Setting it to 0 will remove all constraints on ducking while in the air. Useful for servers running RJ challenge maps

March 13, 2009

Gameplay Changes
  • Players who are stunned by a Scout now take 50% less damage
  • Increased the minimum distance to stun a player with the Sandman
  • Fixed problem where clients were unable to join a team or maintain a connection to the server
  • Fixed Scout taunt kill achievement firing for people who didn't actually qualify
  • Fixed client crash in when creating muzzle flash effects
  • Fixed client crash when determining which disguise weapon to use for a spy
  • Fixed Natascha's chain not being drawn on the view model
  • Fixed stun code regression that resulted in a subtle reduction of Natascha's slowdown effect
  • Fixed rocket & grenade jumps not propelling players as far as they're supposed to

March 18, 2009

Added Multicore Rendering
  • This initial release is aimed at testing compatibility, so the option is OFF by default
  • To turn it on, go to the Options->Video->Advanced dialog, and check the "Multicore Rendering" option
Other Changes
  • Several performance improvements to decals and client bone/flex setup
  • A variety of alt-tab and mode switch fixes
  • Improvements to the way the engine initializes surround sound, fixing some specific hardware cases
  • Fixed a crash on exit in Vista 64

March 19, 2009

Game changes
  • Fixed decal related crash
  • Removed upper limit for the "tf_flag_caps_per_round" convar
Server changes
  • Fixed players being kicked from servers with an INVALID_STEAM_TICKET rejection
  • Added a message to the server console to show when the server has reconnected to Steam

March 23, 2009

Team Fortress 2
  • Fixed screenshots being black when Multicore Rendering is enabled.
  • Fixed sprays not showing up on some surfaces.
  • Fixed decal crash during changelevel.
  • Fixed crash caused by setting the decal limit too high on some machines.
  • Fixed crash caused by decals in the world render loop.
  • Fixed crash caused by convars changing while rendering is queued.

April 20, 2009

Game Changes
  • Reworked the character loadout screens to support future features
  • Added the ability for players to permanently delete items from their inventory using the new Backpack menu. This does not reset achievements. Once an item has been deleted it can never be re-earned
  • Added the ability for players to reset their player stats using the Reset Stats button on the Stats menu. This does not reset achievements
  • Added a "player_teleported" game event that is sent when a player is teleported
  • Updated cp_junction_final to score per-capture instead of per-round. This fixes the map not working correctly with Tournament mode and the stopwatch
  • Scouts now drop the flag if they're carrying it when they start phasing
  • Fixed instances where Steam connection problems would cause some unlocked items to be unusable
  • Fixed the custom crosshair menu not clearing itself when "None" is selected for non-English clients
  • Fixed warning about not being able to execute skill1.cfg when starting the dedicated server

May 1, 2009

  • Updated cp_egypt with changes based on player feedback, added additional health/ammo and updated routes
  • Additional character loadout menu changes to support future features

The Sniper vs. Spy Update

May 21, 2009

  • Added new map, Pipeline. Pipeline is the first map in a new game mode named payload race, which uses two carts in each map instead of only one like traditional payload maps
  • Added new arena map Sawmill
  • Added new arena map Nucleus
  • Added new community payload map Hoodoo
  • Updated Dustbowl to fix not being able to jump into the window in the first building of the second stage
  • Added new sniper rifle replacement, The Huntsman. Instead of a sniper rifle, you have a bow that allows you to move around faster while firing, and fire more quickly than the sniper rifle. Works better at medium range than the standard rifle
  • Added new SMG replacement, Jarate. If thrown on an enemy they will take more damage for short period of time. Also extinguishes flames on yourself or allies
  • Added new SMG replacement, The Razorback. Will protect you against a single spy backstab, and stun the spy for a short period of time. Comes with a 15% move speed penalty for the wearer
  • Standard sniper rifle now shoots through friendly players
  • Added 54 new Sniper voice lines
  • Added 35 new Sniper achievements
  • Added new revolver replacement, The Ambassador. First shot is very accurate and will cause a critical hit if it hits an enemy's head. Accuracy is poor for a period after that
  • Added new watch replacement, the Dead Ringer. When armed, you will appear in all ways to die to the first damage you take from an enemy. You'll be cloaked for 8 second after taking this damage. Upon de-cloaking you'll make a loud, distinct sound
  • Added new watch replacement, the Cloak and Dagger. Your cloak meter is only depleted when you move, so you can stay invisible indefinitely if you're standing still
  • Spy name tags now show up properly when disguised as their own team
  • Fixed a bug that would cause spectators to see disguise weapons incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where enemy spies disguised as friendly spies would have cigarettes that didn't burn
  • Fixed a bug where overhealing disguised spies would show the wrong overhealing amount to the medic
  • Made it more obvious on first person view model when your motion cloak is out of juice and you are partially visible
  • Also made it more obvious on first person view model when you're bumped while cloaked
  • Improved the way your disguise weapon is determined to make it clearer and fix a couple of rare issues
  • Spies disguised as enemy spies now get a random mask to help complete the disguise, and their target id will be set appropriately
  • Spies disguised as medics now have an Ubercharge: line in their disguise target info
  • Spies outward facing "disguise health" now matches their disguise target when they first apply the disguise
  • Spies can now pick up health kits for their "disguise health", even when uninjured
  • Disguise UI doesn't show up in minimum UI mode (hud_minmode)
  • Spies that disguise as a player using an unlockable now show that unlockable in hand
  • Spies can now use enemy teleporters
  • Added 70 new Spy voice lines
  • Added 34 new Spy achievements
Scoreboard changes
  • Dominations no longer get wiped when teams switch sides
  • Dead players draw slightly darker in scoreboard
  • Converted class labels to class icons
  • All players now display the total number of people they are dominating
  • You now find new and old items as you play, instead of through achievements
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the scout's ball to regenerate at inappropriate times
  • Demomen can now detonate their stickies while taunting
  • Flamethrower's air burst now extinguishes fire on friendly targets
  • Grenades and rockets deflected by a pyro under the effects of Kritzkrieg will now be criticals
  • The Heavy and Sniper now have new custom death animations
  • Fixed payload HUD not updating properly if you join in the middle of a match and the cart isn't moving
  • Engineer's dispensers now give 20%, 30%, or 40% of player's max_ammo (for each ammo type) on each use, based on the level of the dispenser
  • Added -sillygibs commandline parameter which will allow the non-violent gibs to be enabled
  • Added a new taunt for the Kritzkrieg, which also heals for 10 points
  • Improved the deathcam camera handling used when a player plays a custom death animation
  • Added missing chalkboard and serverbrowser images for community maps shipped in previous updates
  • Removed "Final" from map names in the serverbrowser quick list
  • Added "sv_allow_voice_from_file" convar, which defaults to 1. When set to 0, it'll prevent clients from using the "voice_inputfromfile" feature to broadcast wav files over voice
  • Enabled "sv_allow_wait_command" convar, which defaults to 1. When set to 0, it'll prevent clients from using the "wait" command

May 22, 2009

  • Fixed Ambassador not using hitboxes to trace against players. It now works like all other bullet-firing weapons in the game
  • Fixed Ambassador shooting through gates
  • Fixed Ambassador not critting during the round win period
  • Fixed control point not being named correctly on Arena Sawmill
  • Fixed cloaked Spies being able to taunt attack
  • Fixed Spy feign death not being reflected in scoreboard
  • Fixed Jarate effect on DX8 machines
  • Fixed rare crash in Spy "A Cut Above" achievement
  • Fixed the backpack icon appearing over the "Could not connect to Steam" message in the client inventory
  • Fixed German localization string for respawning players showing %1

May 26, 2009

  • The Ambassador now does full critical hits on headshots, instead of mini crits
  • The Dead Ringer now fully drains the cloak meter, even if the Spy leaves cloak early
  • Fixed Spy disguise menu not being visible in HUD minimal mode
  • Server log improvements:
    • Added "player_extinguish" event for servers to log when a Pyro extinguishes flame with the airburst
    • Fixed kill descriptions for Force-A-Nature & Sandman, so server logs can distinguish them
    • Identified feign deaths in the events sent to server logs
  • Fixed server crash related to the Jarate

May 29, 2009

  • Added Sniper/Spy milestone achievements as an additional way players can get the new unlockables
  • Arena Mode
    • Added tf_arena_use_queue server convar. Turn this on to get the old queue behavior. Default is off
    • Added tf_arena_round_time to set a timelimit on the round
  • Added the userid of the player who built the teleporter to the "player_teleported" event
  • Fixed player killed event causing server crash
  • Fixed Spies not being telefragged when standing on an enemy teleporter exit with the Dead Ringer enabled
  • Fixed attackers seeing the mini-crit particle effect for full crits if the victim has the Jarate effect enabled
  • Fixed the Ambassador not doing damage to buildings
  • Fixed Spies disguised as their own team not drawing blood effects
  • Fixed players killed by flaming arrows not showing the appropriate death icon

June 8, 2009

  • Fixed Day of Defeat: Source server crash when loading dod_jagd.
  • Added a "Discard" button to the item pickup panel.
  • Added a backstab custom death animation to the Heavy.
  • Changed default for tf_arena_use_queue to 1. This was the original behavior prior to the last update.
  • Changed the Dead Ringer so it can be activated while carrying the flag.
  • Increased the Force-A-Nature's damage by 10%.
  • Fixed not being able to reflect arrows with the Flamethrower.
  • Fixed The Huntsman drawing a muzzle flash under lagged conditions.
  • Fixed the background color of the Spy disguise panel not always matching his disguise team.
  • Fixed idle players being kicked when the server has tf_arena_use_queue set to 0.
  • Fixed Spies not being able to sap a building if an enemy player was colliding with the building.
  • Fixed getting a real target ID on an enemy Spy that's disguised as one of your teammates if you are disguised as an enemy.
  • Fixed the Ambassador not shooting enemy sticky bombs.
  • Fixed Spies being able to automatically cloak after uncloaking at the moment of a weapon switch.
  • Fixed Jarate instantly exploding when thrown in some places, like the final area of Badwater.
  • Fixed spectators not having their items removed when they enter spectator mode.
  • Fixed Sniper "civilian" exploit where players could crash the server.
  • Fixed a couple of cases where viable backstabs would fail.

June 23, 2009

Team Fortress 2
  • Added support for the Novint Falcon
  • Added an option to the advanced multiplayer menu to select left or right handed view models
  • Fixed a bug where a spectator's wearable items could be seen floating around the player they were spectating
  • Fixed a bug where a fake Spy hand would appear on the screen of other players
  • Custom death animations now only play 25% of the time
  • Fixed teleporters not being build-able in some places where they should be (such as within the pit at the end of Badwater Basin)
  • Fixed rare client crash on connection and level change
  • Removed refract from water ripples caused by bullet impacts for performance reasons
  • Added log entries for player extinguished events using the medigun, jarate, flamethrower and dispenser
  • Started tracking localization settings to help make decisions regarding localization in the future
  • Fixed the blank progress bar in the upper-left of the screen when the client scheme is reloaded
Mapmaker requests
  • Added spawn flag to func_respawnroomvisualizer that allows it be non-solid to players
  • Added SetSolid input to func_respawnroomvisualizer to change solidity to players dynamically
  • Added OnWonByTeam1 and OnWonByTeam2 outputs to the TFGamerulesProxy
  • Fixed a bad detection case in the "Friendship is Golden" achievement
  • Changed the description of the "Triple Prey" achievement so it better describes how to get it
  • Critical arrows now have a trail and correctly deal enhanced damage
  • The Huntsman now defaults to be right handed
  • Friendly arrows will no longer trigger the near miss sound on you
  • Fixed several sources of floating arrows
  • Fixed disguised Spies occasionally looking like they have invulnerability, instead of the correct fake Spy mask
  • Disguised spies will no longer lose their disguise weapon when they interact with a weapon locker
  • Fixed a bug where the spy's watch would randomly change models during play
  • Fixed uncloaked spies flickering in and out of the cloak effect when taking damage
  • The Cloak and Dagger now always regenerates at its intended rate. Previously it only regenerated at the correct rate when the spy was cloaked
  • Increased the Cloak and Dagger regeneration rate slightly
  • Capped the rate of energy loss from moving faster than run speed (falling / air toss) while cloaked with the Cloak and Dagger
  • The Dead Ringer's cloak consume rate has been slightly reduced, giving about an extra second of cloak time on a full meter
  • Emerging from the Dead Ringer's cloak now drains up to 40% of the cloak meter instead of 100%. This drain only happens if the meter is at least 60% full
  • The Dead Ringer's cloak meter can now be regenerated from ammo sources
  • The Ambassador now only crits when fully accurate and no longer penetrates enemies
  • The Spy can no longer change weapons from the knife while shocked by the Razorback
  • Force-A-Nature & Flamethrower air blast knockback effects no longer work on disguised spies
  • Fixed disguised Spies showing the wrong teleporter effects when using an enemy teleporter

June 25, 2009

Linux Dedicated Server
  • Improved connection logic to help servers that aren't automatically reconnecting to Steam, and added extra logging to track it
  • Added extra data gathering to help us understand and improve Linux performance
  • Changed cl_flipviewmodels so it can no longer be set while connected to a server
  • Fixed problem with Loadout Menu "Back" button not preserving the currently equipped weapon
  • Fixed a case where an observer could set the observed player's view models
  • Fixed the Heavy's punches not matching mouse button presses when the view models are flipped
  • Fixed Bonk! ammo count exploit after using a regeneration locker
  • Fixed Dead Ringer damage reduction exploit involving Spy taunting
  • Reverted Force-A-Nature and airblast knockback on disguised Spies, so that they can once again be knocked back
Missed notes from previous update
  • The Ambassador no longer penetrates buildings
  • Removed the movement speed penalty on The Razorback

July 14, 2009

Linux Dedicated Server
  • Improved connection logic to help servers that aren't automatically reconnecting to Steam
  • Fixed seeing error dialogs if the "-nocrashdialog" command line parameter is present
  • Added an optional per-map particle manifest called _particles.txt, which should be located in the maps directory, so map authors can load custom particle files
  • Fixed minicrits resulting in reduced damage for weapons at close ranges
  • Fixed the Cloak and Dagger not regenerating at the correct rate
  • Fixed setinfo exploit that allowed restricted convars to be set while connected to a server
  • Fixed tournament mode being interrupted if mp_timelimit hits before both stopwatch rounds have been played
  • Fixed "jointeam unassigned" exploit
  • Fixed being able to respawn during the chat time before a level change
  • Fixed "sensitivity" ConVar not capping the upper value which sometimes caused a server crash
  • Prevented some exploits based on mat_dxlevel being changed in-game
  • Updated ripple effects for water drips to improve performance

Classless Update

August 13, 2009

New Content
  • Added King Of The Hill game mode
  • Added custom animations played by the losing team during the post-win state. They are moved into third person camera to enjoy them
  • Added lots of new hats
Additions / Changes
  • Added "Auto Reload" option to the multiplayer advanced options
    • Clip-based weapons that reload a full clip at a time can now have their reloads aborted by firing
  • Pistol now fires at a fixed rate, not based on the speed at which you press the firing button
  • Added a color blind option to add a Jarate icon above enemies who are busy accepting a terrifying existence where they have no dignity
  • Significantly reduced the amount of network traffic being sent
  • Capturing the flag in a CTF game mode gives the entire capturing team 10 seconds of critboost
  • Sappers attached to a teleporter automatically place another Sapper on the other end of the teleporter, if it exists
    • Engineers wrenching a teleporter will repair the other end as well, and remove Sappers from both if they exist
  • Disguised Spies no longer trigger On-Hit effects (like the Blutsauger's heal)
  • Removed self-inflicted minicrits. Fixes Jarate'd Soldiers/Demomen having ineffective rocket/grenade jumps
  • Added an item panel to the spectator cam that shows non-standard items being carried by the player you're spectating
  • Added an "Inspect" key that allows you to look at items being carried by your team mates
  • Backpack improvements:
    • Added drag & drop to move items around. Item positions are maintained on the backend
    • Added multi-select, allowing you to delete multiple items at once
    • Added a new key to the key binding page that opens your inventory directly to your backpack
    • Fixed mouseover panel being incorrectly position when the backpack first appears
  • Cloaked Spies standing in valid backstab positions no longer raise their knife
  • Added current map name and gametype to the bottom right of scoreboard
  • Added class icons to tips on the loadout and loading screens
  • Improved visuals around flags when they're being carried by a player
  • Improved critboosted visuals, making it much clearer when an enemy has critboost
  • Updated the loading panel to show the game type under the map name during level transition
  • In-game chat dialog now supports full Unicode characters
  • Added BLU main menu background
  • Added response caching for some server queries to help reduce the CPU load from DOS attacks
  • Teammates no longer block friendly radius damage. Prevents nearby teammates causing rocket/grenade jumps to fail
Map Changes
  • Update PLR_Pipeline
    • Increased the starting advantage in the third round if a team has won the first two rounds
    • Fixed carts not continuing to the second round if they're capped at the same time in the first round
    • Fixed being able to shoot pipebombs over the starting gates in the first round
    • Fixed being able to open the doors in the first round before the setup time was finished
    • Fixed players getting stuck in some doors
    • Fixed players being able to get onto rooftops and out of the map boundaries
    • Fixed other minor bugs and exploits
  • Added community map Arena_Offblast
  • Added community map Cp_Yukon
  • Update Arena_Sawmill
    • Fixed DirectX8 bug where some models would not be visible
    • Fixed exploit with building teleporters outside of the map
  • Updated CP_Granary
    • Made a few changes to improve balance based on competitive community feedback
Item Reworks
  • The Force of Nature
    • The enemy knockback now only works in close range and behaves more like the Pyro's air blast
    • Enemies cannot be juggled by the FaN's effect
    • The self-knockback has also changed to respect the firer's view angle. Looking up while shooting will no longer propel the enemy upwards
    • Knockback is now scaled by damage done
  • The Sandman
    • A Scout will receive 1 point for stunning an enemy and 2 points for a long range stun
    • Stunned players now take 75% of all incoming damage instead of 50%
    • Ubercharged players can no longer be stunned
    • Heavies spinning their mini-guns will continue to spin when stunned (whether the left or right mouse button is pressed)
    • The minimum distance to stun a target has been reduced
    • The negative attribute has changed from "no double jump" to "-25 max health"
  • Fixed various issues around layout & presentation of items inside the Backpack and "X is carrying" item dialogs
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to work around sv_pure
  • Particle files are now protected by sv_pure
  • Fixed critboost effect getting stuck on when you die while critboosted
  • Fixed Timer HUD element backgrounds not being the correct color if you change teams during waiting for players
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the way critboosts affected The Huntsman and the Spy's knife
  • Fixed an exploit where you could reload The Huntsman faster than intended
  • Fixed Heavy "civilian" exploit
  • Fixed a set of exploits using the DXSupport config files
  • Fixed r_screenfademinsize and r_screenfademaxsize exploits
  • Fixed sentries firing at a fully cloaked Spy if they're still the closest target
Community requests
  • Added a HUD element for hybrid CTF & CP maps
    • Supports 1 or 2 flags, and any number of CPs
    • Mapmakers need to place a "tf_logic_hybrid_ctf_cp" entity in their map to enable it
  • Added custom kill server log text "train" and "saw" for deaths caused by these environmental hazards
    • Format: "%s<%i><%s><%s>" committed suicide with "world" (customkill "%s") (attacker_position "%d %d %d")
  • Added new "medic_death" event for server logs
    • Format: "%s<%i><%s><%s>" triggered "medic_death" against "%s<%i><%s><%s>" (healing "%d") (ubercharge "%s")
      • healing is the amount the Medic healed in that life
      • ubercharge (1/0) is whether they died with a full charge
  • Added "func_respawnflag" trigger entity. It will remove & return the flag if a flag carrier touches it, or if the flag falls into it

August 14, 2009

  • Fixed "r_rootlod" being marked as a cheat, which prevented it from being changed and caused a significant performance loss for some GPUs
  • Changed "The Big Hurt" Scout achievement to be "Stun 2 Medics that are ready to deploy an UberCharge."
  • Fixed Announcer overtime bug on KOTH servers using mp_timelimit
    • Due to many requests, added server ConVar "tf_overtime_nag". When set to 1, it keeps the broken announcer behavior
  • Fixed tournament stopwatch not displaying the time in the HUD
  • Fixed a bug with cloak meter regen and drain rates
  • Fixed Spies not being able to go invis while reloading
  • Fixed pipebombs sticking to saw blades
  • Fixed weapons not being hidden properly during loser state anims
  • Fixed a case where radius damage didn't reduce damage to self
    • Fixes Demomen taking too much damage from their pipebombs
  • Fixed a case where items would never show up in the backpack, even though they were available to equip
  • Fixed a case where items weren't being validated properly in class loadout slots
Community requests
  • Removed centerprint texts for TF_FLAGTYPE_ATTACK_DEFEND CTF game mode
  • Changed TF_FLAGTYPE_ATTACK_DEFEND capture reward from 30 kills to 1 capture

August 17, 2009

  • Updated PL_Hoodoo. Changes from community mapmaker Tim Johnson:
    • "Added a balcony at 2-1 that I've rotated and cleaned up so it's a much better point, it attracts less sentry spam but is still holdable. 2-2 has a bit more breathing room and the one way route between BLU/RED spawn in stage 3 has gone and in its place some stairs up to the second level accessible from BLU's side."
  • Added "tf_ctf_bonus_time" ConVar to set the CritBoost bonus time for capturing the intelligence (0 to disable it)
  • Added "tf_arena_first_blood" ConVar to toggle the first blood feature in Arena mode (0 to disable it)
  • Added missing snowpuff particles for DX8 players
  • Fixed rocket jumping
  • Fixed sticky bomb attachment to props. They will now only ignore the saws in sawmill
  • Fixed Scouts going into reference pose in double jumps
  • Fixed the Ubersaw not displaying team colors
  • Fixed Spies disguised as RED Scouts not cloaking properly
  • Removed two more text messages for TF_FLAGTYPE_ATTACK_DEFEND CTF game mode

August 21, 2009

Orange Box Engine
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed files to be uploaded to the server at arbitrary locations in the file system
  • Fixed a server crash caused by a client packet claiming to be an HLTV client when HLTV is disabled on the server
  • Fixed a server crash caused by spoofing a client disconnect message
  • Fixed a server crash caused by sending malformed reliable subchannel data
  • Fixed a server crash related to unbounded settings on some convars
  • Bullet spread algorithm changed to fire a bullet right down the crosshair under these circumstances:
    • The first bullet of a spread weapon (except for rapid fire spread weapons like the minigun)
    • The first bullet of a non-spread weapon if it's been >1.25 seconds since firing
  • Added a "Disable HTML MOTDs" option to the multiplayer->advanced dialog
    • Added "motdfile_text" convar to servers, which allows them to specify a text file that’s shown instead of the HTML MOTD to clients who've turned on this option
  • Fixed radius damage not tracing out of enemies when the explosion occurs within them
    • Fixes rockets & grenades doing no splash damage when fired point blank into enemies
  • Added missing snowpuff particles for DX8 players (honest)
  • Restored LOD for the Demoman player model
  • Fixed being able to alt-fire with the fists while stunned as a Heavy
  • Fixed CTF_Sawmill not ending the map when mp_timelimit hits during the middle of a round
  • Fixed the "The Big Hurt" achievement not being awarded for players who already have the required count
  • Fixed sv_pure not reloading the map's custom particle file
    • Custom particle effects contained within maps must now be placed in the \particles directory
  • Fixed another case where items weren't being validated properly in class loadout slots
Community requests
  • Removed centerprint texts for TF_FLAGTYPE_INVADE CTF game mode
  • Changed TF_FLAGTYPE_INVADE CTF game mode capture reward from 10 kills to 1 capture
  • Added OnCapTeam1 and OnCapTeam2 outputs to the item_teamflag and func_capturezone entities
  • Fixed HUD "carried" image for the TF_FLAGTYPE_ATTACK_DEFEND and TF_FLAGTYPE_INVADE CTF game modes using the wrong team color
  • Fixed dropped flag for the TF_FLAGTYPE_INVADE CTF game mode using the wrong skin

August 31, 2009

  • Added "tf_allow_player_use" server ConVar to control players executing +use while playing (defaults to 0)
  • Fixed a bug where full backpacks resulted in an item being repeatedly found each time the game is started
  • Fixed being able to burn players/buildings that are in the water while standing outside the water
  • Fixed teleporting Spies getting stuck in enemy players standing on the exit
  • Fixed server log not listing telefrag kills as weapon "telefrag"
  • Fixed the Pyro's airblast pushing Spectators in free-look mode
  • Fixed Pyro's Hadouken killing Scouts that have used Bonk! and are phasing
  • Fixed freezecam screenshots sometimes being saved outside the Screenshots folder
  • Fixed deathnotice and server log entries not using the unique item names/icons when buildings are destroyed
  • Fixed a case where the weapon selection menu wasn't drawing the images of non-standard items if the player was using hud_fastswitch 1 and using slot7-10 to view the panel
  • Fixed CTF HUD not centering the flag panel if there is only one active flag
Community requests
  • Added the ability to set a parent for the item_teamflag entity
  • Added OnPickUpTeam1 and OnPickUpTeam2 outputs to the item_teamflag entity
  • Added intro movie .mp3 files to the sound/misc folder

September 2, 2009

  • Fixed "not on camera object" particle effects appearing while spectating in-eyes, and not appearing when in thirdperson
  • Fixed inventory bug that caused some item pickups not to be shown
  • Added support for client explanations of backend inventory manipulation

September 15, 2009

  • If the installation is an HLTV relay we allow clients to connect as HLTV clients even if tv_enable is set to false. A recent exploit fix made it such that we ignore the flag indicating that the client is an HLTV client if tv_enable is false, but it is possible that relays won't have this ConVar set
Additions / Changes
  • Backpack improvement
    • Added support for 100 slots in the backpack
    • Backpack can now be sorted by type
    • Multi-selection in the backpack is now done by holding down the Ctrl key
  • Alt-fire on the Sandvich now drops sandviches
    • A single sandvich can be dropped at a time. Dropping the sandvich removes it from the Heavy
    • A Heavy can regain his sandvich by collecting a healthkit while already being at full health
    • Eating a sandvich using the taunt method now heals a Heavy to full health
    • Dropped sandviches heal 50% of the collector's health
  • Medic regen changes
    • Base regen amount increased from 1/sec to 3/sec
    • Regen amount increase since time of last damage decreased from 3x to 2x
    • End result of above: Old healing scaled from 1/sec to 3/sec based on time since being damaged (maxed out at 10 seconds). New healing scales from 3/sec to 6/sec
  • Blutsauger
    • Replaced "No critical hits" negative attribute with "-2 health drained per second on wearer"
    • Health drain stacks on top of the above Medic regen changes, lowering the base regen by 2h/sec
  • Added "mp_windifference" server ConVar (default to 0)
    • When set to X, matches will be considered won if a team gets X points ahead of the other team
  • Added a "Remember the active weapon between lives" option to the Multiplayer->Advanced options dialog
  • Added "Disable weather effects" option to the Multiplayer->Advanced options dialog
  • Added "Show non-standard items on spectated player" option to the Multiplayer->Advanced options dialog
    • If set (default), it'll show non-standard items being carried by the player you're spectating
  • Tournament mode changes
    • New item whitelist allowing tournaments to control what items can be used by players
    • Added "item_whitelist_example.txt"
    • Added "item_show_whitelistable_definitions" command to get a list of whitelistable items
  • Added Tournament mode Spectator HUD
    • Added "Use advanced spectator HUD in tournament mode" option to the Multiplayer->Advanced options dialog
    • Shows all the members of your team (or both if you're a spectator) at the top of the screen, along with class/health/respawn time/charge level
    • Spectator indices are now shown on the team members, and hitting the corresponding weapon selection key (slot1-slot12 commands) will spectate them
  • Changed idle player check to include spectators & players who haven't chosen a team
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed explosive radius detection using an axially aligned box instead of a sphere
    • Compensated by increasing the radius of grenades, pipes, and rockets to 50% of what they lost at the corners of the OBB
    • Grenades/Pipes radius change: 132->159
    • Rocket radius change: 121->146
    • End result of above: Explosives have had their radius reduced at some angles, and increased at others. Radius is now consistent, angles are now irrelevant
  • Fixed Sniper using the reference pose if he has the Huntsman deployed when his team loses
  • Fixed Spies speaking their response rules lines after killing a player as the class they were disguised as
  • Fixed Medics getting MedicCallerPanels in their HUD for cloaked enemy Spies disguised as their team
  • Fixed the Huntsman not firing crit arrows when the Sniper is being CritBoosted
  • Fixed being able to fire the Huntsman under water if you jump into the water with the arrow charged
  • Added check to prevent clients using the "firstperson" command to get out of thirdperson view while they're phasing, taunting or control stunned
  • Fixed Halo glow effect not being hidden for cloak/disguised enemy Spies
  • Fixed wearables not destroying their attached particles when they're removed
  • Fixed several player & viewmodel simulation issues that occurred when the game was paused
  • Fixed a DX8-based exploit that allowed modified particle effects to work under sv_pure 2
Community Requests
  • Added the entindex() of the object being built to the "player_builtobject" game event
  • Added flag to allow CTF map authors to turn off the Overtime mode when timers expire
  • Added IgnitePlayer input to TFPlayer

October 14, 2009

  • Added "+quickswitch" command, which brings up a small panel allowing you to rapidly change the loadout of your current class & active weapon slot
  • Added server ConVar "tf_teamtalk" to allow alive/dead teammates to talk with each other during a match (default is 0)
  • Added 1/2 Bonus Point for healing a teammate with a dropped sandvich
  • Updated the class menu to show the local player's current class
  • Updated server ConVar "tf_playergib" to have 3 settings for player gibs: 0: never, 1: normal, 2: always (default is 1)
  • Updated "player_hurt" game event to include "damageamount" and "crit" values
  • Fixed a rare crash in particle system
  • Fixed being able to eat your sandvich (via taunt) and drop it in the same frame
  • Fixed not correctly remembering the last weapon if you're using "remember active weapon" and the last weapon was the weapon in slot 0
  • Fixed Medic not being able to release his UberCharge if his team won the previous round and the Medigun was his last active weapon (while using "remember last active weapon")
  • Fixed not remembering the last active weapon correctly if the player didn't die before the next round restart
  • Prevented servers from using steam:// commands in their MOTD text
  • Fixed using the regen cabinets to get more health than you should when you switch between weapons with/without max health reduction attributes
  • Fixed friendly-fire/spectator exploit using projectiles
  • Fixed disguised spies not getting ammo from enemy dispensers
  • Fixed thrown sandvich traveling through players before being activated
  • Fixed sandviches sometimes spawning inside walls, or being thrown through thin walls
  • Fixed fire overlay drawing on hats in DX80
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed servers to corrupt client's item database
  • Fixed full packet updates showing cloaked Spies for an instant
  • Fixed a prediction error resulting in mis-predictions of crits
Community requests
  • Added new "func_flag_alert" entity that fires an alert when a player carrying a flag starts touching the entity
  • Added server ConVar "bot_crouch" to make bots crouch
  • Added model override for item_teamflag entity
  • Added ability to turn off particle trail for players carrying the item_teamflag entity
  • Updated team_train_watcher to support 8 cp/track links (was previously 4)

Hallowe'en Special

October 29, 2009

  • Added a new community map: Koth_Harvest
  • Added a Halloween edition called Koth_Harvest_Event
    • Contains a variety of Halloween related features: New hats, achievements, exploding pumpkins, ghosts, and more!
  • Updated the CTF, Arena, and KOTH versions of Sawmill
    • Fixed Engineer exploit
  • Added check to prevent clients from sending empty or all whitespace names to the server
  • Fixed "item_found" announcements coloring the player names if the player has :: in their name
  • QuickSwitch improvements
    • Added key input so you can cycle through it using the slot input keys
    • Added all loadout slots (not just primary, secondary, and melee)
    • Removed duplicate entries (should only see 1 flaregun, etc.)
    • Fixed a few small layout & empty slot bugs
Community requests
  • Updated item_teamflag with flags to toggle the trail effects: 0 none, 1 all, 2 paper only, 3 color only
  • Added a "both" selection to the invalid winners field for team_control_point_master and team_control_point_round entities

November 2, 2009

  • Added Bill's Hat for players who pre-purchase Left 4 Dead 2
  • Fixed client-side perf problem after changing levels on Koth_Harvest_Event

December 7, 2009

  • Added checks to prevent transferring .smx, .gcf, and .sys files between client/server
  • Fixed upload/download exploits with spaces in the file extension or a path separator at the beginning of the requested file (as reported on the HLDS mailing lists)
  • Fixed custom particle systems inside maps causing particles to break in successive maps
  • Fixed a rare vphysics crash
  • Fixed background highlight for KOTH timers not being aligned properly in minmode
  • Fixed the Heavy's fists being hidden while taunting
  • Fixed cloaked Spies having the critboost effect on their weapon
  • Fixed banned clients being able to spamming a server with the "joined" chat text
  • Fixed seeing the wrong class counts if the game swapped teams while the class menu was open
  • Fixed Spies being able to disguise while performing a taunt
  • Fixed having to press the voice menu key twice if the menu timed out and closed itself last time it was open
  • Fixed the "Confirm Delete" dialog in the Items menu not handling the key correctly
  • Fixed dispenser not healing players at the correct rate if it's upgraded while the players are already touching the dispenser
  • Fixed exec'ing the .cfg file for a class change before the player has actually changed class

WAR! Update

December 17, 2009

New Content
  • Added new control point map Gorge
  • Added new capture the flag map Double Cross
  • Added item crafting
  • Added work-in-progress TF Bots for beta testing in KOTH maps (blog post coming with more info)
  • Added headshot death animations
  • Added more backstab animations
  • Added 35 new Soldier achievements
  • Added 4 new Soldier items
  • Added new Soldier Domination lines
  • Added 35 new Demoman achievements
  • Added 3 new Demoman items
  • Added new Demoman Domination lines
  • Now pretends to be carrying the weapons & wearables of the target he's disguised as
  • Moved the Spy's camera-beard to the Misc loadout slot so he can equip it with a hat
  • The Sandman now only stuns on a max range hit (when you hear the cheering)
  • All shorter hits now force the enemy into the thirdperson fleeing state (also removed the damage reduction on them)
Minor changes
  • Added new options to the Multiplayer->Advanced dialog:
    • Combat text, which displays damage amounts you do to enemies.
    • Medic auto caller, which automatically shows you nearby friends at low health.
    • Heal target marker, which better highlights the target your medigun is locked onto.
    • Alternative Spy disguise menu, which lets you choose disguises using just the 1-3 keys.
  • Fixed being able to affect friendly pipes with airblast (they would unstick)
  • Added recharge sound to abilities with a recharge bar
  • Fixed attachable wearables not staying on ragdolls
  • Players no longer see the wearables that are a part of a friendly spy's disguise, fixing various graphical glitches
  • Added jiggle bones for Pyro's chicken hat
  • Added 2 new game startup songs
Community Mapmaker requests
  • Implemented InputSetSetupTime() for team_round_timer (was in the .fgd but never implemented)
  • Added "SetDispenserLevel" input to cart dispenser (1, 2, or 3)

December 18, 2009

  • Fixed a client crash related to arrows
  • Fixed a server crash related to items
  • Fixed a server crash caused by the Demo taunt kill
  • Fixed a server crash caused by using the Equalizer
  • Fixed client ragdoll commands resulting in ragdolls standing around
  • Restored the missing point_teleport entity
  • Fixed stats and achievements being tracked while using sv_cheats
  • Fixed Spies being able to build dispensers
  • Fixed clients not fixing up inventory items in bad backpack positions
  • Added a new chat message when players craft an item
  • Fixed "Bloody Merry" and "Second Eye" achievements being achieved incorrectly
  • Updated the description of the "Bravehurt" achievement
  • Fixed Blutsauger attributes
  • Fixed the Direct Hit having an incorrect short range damage curve (now matches the normal Rocket Launcher curve)
  • Fixed the Spy's unlockables watches using the wrong consume/recharge rates

December 22, 2009

  • Fixed inconsistent Rage generation with the Buff Banner
  • Added an "equipped" tag to currently equipped items in the Backpack and Crafting screens
  • Fixed the TFBots not reacting correctly to stun effects
  • Fixed the Heavy picking up his own thrown sandvich if it was thrown while running forward
  • Fixed Pyros not getting the proper kill icon for kills with deflected Direct Hit rockets
  • Fixed the player keeping their rage setting when the Buff Banner isn't equipped
  • Fixed resupply cabinet not clearing the rage and the buff status effect
  • Fixed the Buff Banner not working when +reload has been forced in console
  • Fixed the motion blur on charging Demomen not always drawing
  • Fixed the Direct Hit mini-critting enemies submerged in water
  • Fixed the Chargin' Targe's crit not working on servers with tf_weapon_criticals 0
  • Capped the amount of overhealing from taking heads to the player's max buffed health
  • Updated the Gunboats to absorb damage from any self-inflicted rocket blast that doesn't hurt another player
  • Updated the Scottish Resistance to detonate bombs near the player's feet (in addition to what it normally detonates). This enables sticky jumping with this weapon
  • Updated the Baseball and Jarate HUD indicators to stay on screen when full
Crafting improvements
  • Spy's camera beard can now be smelted into scrap metal
  • Recipes can no longer produce items matching any of the items used in the crafting
  • Added some new recipes
Achievement fixes
  • Fixed the "Ride of the Valkartie" Soldier achievement being earned by Soldiers on the defending team
  • Fixed the "Gorky Parked" Heavy achievement being incremented by committing suicide on a control point
  • Fixed several Scout achievements that were broken by the new type of bat stun
  • Fixed the "Ghastly Gibus Grab" achievement not awarding the hat correctly
  • Updated the "Big Pharma" (Medic) and "Division of Labor" (Heavy) achievements to be 10 kills in a single life
  • Updated the "Ubi concordia, ibi victoria" Medic achievement to only be 3 assists

January 6, 2010

Server Browser (for TF2 and DoD:S)
  • Added a client-side server blacklist
    • Supports blacklisting of specific servers, all servers on an IP, and all servers on a class C range
    • Saves the server list to a file, and has an Import button to allow easy sharing (cfg\server_blacklist.txt)
Balance changes
  • Reduced the health penalty on The Sandman
  • The Force-A-Nature knockback on target now
    • Only applies to hits that deal more than 30 damage and are in close range
    • Factors in the firer's angle of attack when determining the knockback direction
    • Has less of an effect on grounded targets
  • The Dead Ringer now
    • Reduces cloak to 40% when uncloaking early
    • Has a 35% cap on the amount of cloak it can gain from an ammo pack
    • Has a quieter de-cloak sound
Changes / Fixes
  • Fixed a performance & stability issue with AMD processors
  • Improved the stability of the game server -> item backend connection
  • Fixed a rare server crash related to dispensers
  • Added min/max values to viewmodel_fov convar to match the settings in the slider
  • Reduced the number of moons in ctf_doublecross, sadly
  • Demo playback now ignores sv_pure settings, allowing demos to easily contain custom content
  • Fixed a crash related to sv_pure and the wireframe_dx6 shader
  • Players can no longer shoot while stunned
  • Fixed a bug that caused movement speed reductions to not work on stunned players
  • Soldier Rage bar no longer resets when touching a resupply cabinet
Achievement fixes
  • Fixed the "Second Eye" Demoman achievement
  • Fixed a bug in the "Play Doctor" Medic achievement
  • Changed the requirements for the "Medals of Honor" Soldier achievement
  • Updated description for the "Blind Fire" Demoman achievement to better explain the requirements
  • Fixed an issue that affected several achievements requiring the use of the Equalizer
Community requests
  • Added "skip_next_map" server ConCommand to skip the next map in the map cycle
  • Added "Play a hit sound whenever you injure an enemy" option to the Multiplayer->Advanced options menu
  • Added server "tf_use_fixed_weaponspreads" convar. When set, shotgun & scattergun pellet spreads will use a non-random distribution
  • Added a "show_htmlpage" command to allow server operators to display custom web pages to clients
Changes to the TF Bots
  • In KOTH mode, Bots are now
    • More likely to roam around and hunt enemies if there is lots of time left
    • Become more likely to push for the point as time runs down, or their teammates start to capture it
  • Medic bots now
    • Opportunistically "overheal" nearby friends when they can
    • Prioritize healing of injured nearby friends more
    • Don't focus on Heavies quite so exclusively
    • Don't spam their Medigun continuously at round start
    • Won't choose cover far below their heal target so much (koth_nucleus)
    • Fight back with their syringe-gun appropriately
  • Various improvements to combat behaviors
  • General bot improvements
    • They no longer stand still on the point when capturing or defending it
    • They choose more varied routes now
    • They choose better defensive spots around captured points
    • They fall back to another weapon when they entirely run out of ammo
    • They adjust their FOV when using zoomed in sniper scope
    • They treat in-range Sentries as the most dangerous threat
    • They fire their weapons is more realistic bursts
    • Engineers use their shotgun properly
  • Added a "virtual mousepad" concept to rework how bots track enemy players
    • They now periodically estimate the position and velocity of the enemy they are tracking, instead of "locking on"
    • After rotating beyond a maximum angle, they will pause for a fraction of a second to re-center their "virtual mouse"
    • Allows for over/undershoot "slop" in aiming. Looks more natural, and allows skilled players to dodge
    • Addresses the "180 spin around and fire", "Heavy bot is OP", "Sniper is OP", and "I can't fight a Heavy bot as a Scout" issues
  • Tuned Sniper spot finding algorithm to generate more diverse locations, partially addressing the "Predictable Sniper camping spots" issue
  • Soldier bots are more careful to not fire rockets that will explode on nearby geometry and kill them
  • Fixed a bug where bots tried to heal from a Dispenser being carried by an Engineer
  • Tuned scoreboard logic to guard against malicious server operators spoofing bot pings to hide the "BOT" tag
  • Added more bot names as suggested by the TF community

January 7, 2010

  • Fixed grounded players receiving falling damage from Force-A-Nature shots directly above them
  • Fixed the Force-A-Nature firing fewer pellets when tf_use_fixed_weaponspreads was 1
  • Updated the achievement icon for the "May I Cut In?" Spy achievement to match the achievement description

Community Contribute Site

January 13, 2010

  • Launched the 'Contribute' site to accept user-created item and avatar submissions
    • Various improvements to Spy disguise and feign death
      • Disguise weapons copying weapons with special animation requirements (Sword, FaN) now look correct
      • Spies now play the appropriate death cry on feign death based on the corpse that appears
      • Feigning death can now play custom death animations like a normal death (head loss, sniper shot, backstab, etc)
      • Feigning death due to explosive damage now has a chance to gib, like a normal death
      • Corpses from a feign death now use the correct wearable behavior (hats stay on, or fall off as they should)
      • The weapons dropped by feign death corpses now have appropriate physics and collision for their type
      • Combat text for damage done to Spies that feign death will now show the un-modified damage amount
      • Fixed Spies that feign death while disguised as enemy spies dropping fake ragdolls wearing a mask
      • Fixed a couple of physics issues on ragdolls created by feign death
    • Added convars to further customize the "play a hit sound whenever you injure an enemy" option
      • tf_dingaling_volume". Sets the volume of the hit sound
      • tf_dingaling_pitchmindmg". Sets the desired pitch of the hit sound when a minor damage hit is done
      • tf_dingaling_pitchmaxdmg". Sets the desired pitch of the hit sound when a major damage hit is done
      • tf_dingaling_wav_override". Specifies an optional custom wav hit sound. If unspecified, the default ding sound is used
    • Added Medic Ubersaw kill taunt
    • Added backstab death animations for Scout, Spy, Medic, Demo, Engineer, and Pyro. All death animations have a 25% chance to play
    • Updated various localization strings
    • Removed the clamps on the "viewmodel_fov" convar
    • Added "viewmodel_fov_demo", a convar that controls viewmodel fov during demo playback
    • Force-a-Nature will now correctly knock back players on the ground
    • Increased minimum damage required for the Force-a-Nature to cause a knockback from 30 to 40
    • Changed the Direct Hit to only minicrit enemies that have been launched into the air by an explosion
    • Increased the rate of the Soldier's Rage generation by 40%
    • Reduced the duration of the Soldier's Buff Banner effect from 14 seconds to 10
    • Reduced the explosive damage resistance on the Chargin' Targe to 50%
    • Fixed the Scout's legs twisting out of shape during a double jump
    • Fixed player models popping up and then down when they duck during a jump
    • Fixed Sniper rifle not penetrating friendlies
    • Fixed Bonk! Atomic Punch phase effect
    • Fixed rockets not being removed if they explode in func_nogrenades zones
    • Fixed the Sandman being able to bat balls through doors
    • Fixed the Gunboats absorbing damage from the Soldier's grenade kill taunt
    • Fixed the naming of non-unique quality unique items (Community Kritzkriegs, etc)
    • Minor fixes to the crafting UI
      • Changed the item layout in the crafting panel to better fit the backpack panel
        • Each 1 of the 4 crafting pages now shows half of 1 of the 2 backpack pages
      • Fixed the crafting panel next/prev page buttons being hard to use while dragging
      • Fixed the "equipped" label in the item panels stealing the mouse focus from the item panel itself
    Updated Novint Falcon settings (no effect on non-Falcon players)
    • Recoil/Reload force added for the Direct Hit rocket launcher
    • Recoil/Reload force added for the Scottish Resistance sticky bomb launcher
    • More defined flesh hit force added for the Equalizer pick axe
    • More defined flesh hit/world hit force added for the Eyelander sword
    • Added swing forces for Eyelander sword
    • Added appropriate trumpet forces for Blu Buff Banner
    • Added appropriate trumpet forces for Red Buff Banner
    • Shotgun reload for Heavy & Pyro changed to feel more appropriate now
    • Changed Huntsman pullback force so that it goes in the right direction (was still pulling as if the Huntsman was on the left hand side of the screen, which was default until a later update)

    January 27, 2010

    • Added 3 new hats that can be worn by any class
      • Towering Pillar of Hats"
      • Noble Amassment of Hats"
      • Modest Pile of Hat"
    • Added Propaganda contest winners' hats for First Place, First Runner-up, and Second Runner-up
    • Added "Edit Loadout" button to the class menu
    • Changed the main menu background to randomly use the Red, Blue, and Soldier/Demo background images
    • Fixed Snipers being able to shoot enemies through gates
    • Fixed Linux servers not properly reconnecting to Steam when they lose their connection
    • Fixed stickies being destructible before they're stuck to something
    • Fixed the return progress bar above a dropped flag not animating if the return time on the flag is less than 30 seconds
    • Fixed the CTF HUD not properly handling flags being disabled/enabled during the round
    • Fixed player health panels sometimes using the wrong animations for buffed or low health values
    • Updated the net_showevents convar to be marked as a cheat
    • Updated the main menu news buttons to direct players to the most recent TF2 update and the TF2 blog
    • Updated Italian localization strings
    • Updated the custom TF2 fonts with Polish characters
    • Updated CP_Gorge
      • Added more cover outside of the initial BLU spawn area
      • Added a forward spawn for the BLU team after Cap1 is captured
      • Added another access point to the upper level from the front of the RED base
      • Added more cover in the room just before Cap2
      • Decreased RED team's respawn time while they own Cap1
      • Fixed a few areas where players would sometimes become stuck
    Community requests
    • Added new options for the Invade CTF game mode flag. Default is 1
      • 0 : No neutral time
      • 1 : Flag goes neutral in 30 seconds (current behavior)
      • 2 : Flag goes neutral in 1/2 the return time
      Added scoring choice for the Invade CTF game mode. Default is 0
      • 0 : Increment score (current behavior)
      • 1 : Increment capture count
      Added new inputs to item_teamflag
      • ForceDrop : Force the flag to be dropped if it's being carried by a player
      • ForceReset : Force the flag to be dropped if it's being carried by a player, then reset the flag to its original location
      • SetReturnTime : Set the length of time (in seconds) before a dropped flag returns to base
    • Added new output to item_teamflag
      • OnTouchSameTeam : Sent when the flag is touched by a player on the same team

    January 28, 2010

    • Fixed a crash during startup for the Linux dedicated server
    • Fixed the hats below being included in the crafting of class-specific hats using class tokens
      • Towering Pillar of Hats"
      • Noble Amassment of Hats"
      • Modest Pile of Hat"

    February 3, 2010

    • Enabled Steam Cloud support for key bindings and custom spraypaint images
      • Added Options->Multiplayer->Advanced option to toggle off/on: default is on
    • Added new Highlander mode
      • 9 players allowed per team
      • Restricts each team to 1 of each class
      • Use mp_highlander (0/1) to toggle off/on: default is 0
    • Added "bots" to the server's sv_tags convar if the server is running bots
    • Fixed a weapon name localization issue
    • Fixed the "tf_teamtalk" server convar not controlling text chat between living/dead teammates
    • Updated the map CTF_DoubleCross
      • Fixed the map not ending correctly when using mp_timelimit
      • Changed to prevent Engineers from building on top of the shack in each base
    • Updated the map Arena_WatchTower
      • Fixed a case where players could open and get stuck on the starting gates before the round start
      • Improved clipping to prevent people from getting out of the map
      • Optimized the map for better performance

    February 5, 2010

    • Fixed a client crash during the localization of item names
    • Fixed a client crash caused by selecting Random in the class menu and then clicking on "Edit Loadout"

    February 8, 2010

    • Fixed Polish Team Fortress 2 fonts not being displayed correctly in the Main Menu

    February 12, 2010

    Team Fortress 2
    • Fixed a case of client-side hitching caused by writing a file to the hard drive too frequently

    February 23, 2010

    • Fixed servers being inappropriately delisted from the master server
    • Updated CTF_Doublecross
    • Improved clipping to prevent players from getting to unintended places
    • Updated CTF_2Fort
    • Fixed Blue players being able to block the Blue spawn room doors to lock in teammates
    • Moved the Blue team Sniper wall down to match the Red team Sniper wall
    • Updated Russian localization strings
    • Fixed the Pyro not being able to deflect enemy flares
    • Fixed pipebombs not being removed if they explode in a func_nogrenades zone

    February 24, 2010

    • Fixed servers with bots reporting incorrect player numbers
    • Fixed pipebombs not colliding correctly with players

    March 18, 2010

    • Added items submitted to the Contribute! site by members of the community
    • Submit your own creations!

    March 19, 2010

    • Updated the new community-built hats so they can be crafted
    • Updated the Camera Beard and Medic Mask so they can be crafted as hats

Sam & Max Promo

April 15, 2010

  • Added Sam & Max items
  • Fixed the Demoman's Fro not cloaking properly when being used by a disguised Spy
  • Reduced the damage bonus the Equalizer receives as the player loses health
  • The speed boost was not changed
Community Request
  • Added a flag to info_particle_system to mark particle systems as "weather" effects

April 28, 2010

  • Added new community map cp_freight
  • Added missing physics models for several items
  • Added jiggle bones to the Sam & Max items, and The Buff Banner
  • Added Crit-a-Cola
Dedicated Server
  • Linux optimizations.
  • Fixed Linux servers not relisting correctly after a master server restart
  • Fixed a case where servers could have "ghost" players consuming player slots
  • Marked the "snd_show" convar as a cheat
Gameplay Changes
  • Pyro changes
    • Flamethrower direct damage reduced 20%.
    • Burn duration reduced (10 -> 6 seconds).
    • Airblast re-fire delay reduced by 25%.
    • Airblast ammo usage reduced by 20%.
    • All reflected rockets/grenades/arrows now mini-crit.
    • Airblasting enemies into environmental deaths now awards the death credit to the Pyro.
  • Heavy changes
    • Minigun spin-up/down time reduced by 25%
    • Minigun firing movement speed increased to just under half-normal (from 80 to 110).
    • Throwing a sandvich to a teammate now earns a full bonus point (was half a point).
  • Bonk! changes
    • Post-use movement penalty removed.
    • Now has a re-use cooldown time, like The Sandman.
  • The Chargin' Target changes
    • Direct charge hit now does 50 damage + 10 per head (up to 5 heads).
    • Capped the turn rate from +left and +right while charging.
  • The Huntsman changes
    • Removed restriction that arrows need to be aimed before they can be lit by a Pyro.
    • Bow can now be lowered without losing the lit arrow.
    • Changed bow so you can start charging it while you're jumping, but you can't fire until you're on the ground.
    • Fixed bug where flame effect would get stuck on if you change weapons with a lit arrow.
  • Backpack changes
    • Moved Crafting button out to the root class/backpack selection panel.
    • Dragging and dropping items in your backpack now makes appropriate sounds.
  • Bot changes
    • Bots don't retreat to gather health as readily if they are in combat.
    • Bots no longer retreat when moving to block a point capture.
    • Bots should now equip an appropriate combat weapon and fight while moving to collect health.
    • Bots who are roaming the map and hunting now chase down their victims, following them around corners.
    • Bots That fire projectiles (ie: rockets/grenades/etc) don't hold down their fire button for a minimum time. This was causing Soldier bots to fire rockets into nearby walls as they strafed, killing themselves.
    • Soldiers bots now switch to their shotgun after firing all four rockets when engaging an enemy.
    • Added a few more bot names from community suggestions.
    • Fixed a behavior loop with Engineer metal gathering.
  • The Sandman change
    • Added a slight speed reduction to stunned players.
  • Community requests
    • Added ConVars log_verbose_enable and log_verbose_interval to report player positions in the server log at regular intervals
      • log_verbose_enable default: 0
      • log_verbose_interval default: 3 secs
    • "Last-weapon" initialization on respawn now sets itself to be the melee weapon if you don’t have a selectable secondary weapon (like The Razorback).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an case where The Gunboats didn’t apply their damage reduction properly.
  • The amount count in the HUD now flashes red when you’re low on ammo.
  • Extinguishing a burning teammate now earns a full bonus point (was half a point).
  • Fixed a permanent overheal exploit involving dispensers.
  • Fixed a bug in spectator mode where the user aborted out of freezecam, setup a spec mode (like IN_EYE), and would then have the setting stomped after the freezecam timer expired.
  • Fixed bug with disguised spy sometimes seeing his own name in the disguise status HUD.
  • Fixed a client crash that could result from players with arrows embedded in them.
  • Fixed items that can be worn by any class having the wrong model when worn by a disguised Spy.
  • Added missing map prefixes to server browser game types.
  • Killing yourself with your own sentry no longer increments the sentry's kill counter.
  • Fixed dropped hats sometimes having the wrong team color.
  • Fixed crit-boosted players not getting critical hits if their weapon has custom no-crit behavior.
  • Fixed the achievement dialog taking a long time to pop up, and completed achievements now sort to the bottom of the list.
  • Fixed Spies disguised as Medics hearing the autocaller sound.

119th Update

April 29, 2010

  • Added new items to commemorate our 119th (or so) update.
  • Fixed several issues with the Source SDK
  • Scout's "Retire the Runner" achievement updated to be
    • "Kill a Scout while they are under the effect of Crit-a-Cola."
  • Added a 20% damage bonus to The Backburner
  • Fixed the Flare Gun's afterburn duration being lowered by the Flamethrower's duration reduction
  • Fixed the teleporter exit using the wrong particle effect
  • Fixed HUD damage indicators not appearing
  • Fixed Teleporters not reverting to level 1 when their other side is destroyed
  • Fixed receiving damage not causing view-kicks on players
  • Fixed Engineers & Spies being able to circumvent build restrictions
  • Fixed Server Browser not saving filter settings properly
  • Fixed a client crash in the targetID on clients running custom HUDs

...and we're not done yet.