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A Special Offer from our Dr. Grordbort's friends at WETA

August 25, 2011 - TF2 Team

Now that you've been vaporizing your compadres Grordbort-style in Team Fortress 2 with your Cow Mangler and your Righteous Bison for a while, perhaps you're ready to handle a REAL Righteous Bison made of REAL atoms.

That's right. We've instructed our retail brethren at Weta to offer you $20 USD off a Righteous Bison (when you flaunt the secret case sensitive code: TF2BISON4REAL during the options phase of the checkout process).

The offer stands for one week at the WETA Raygun Store. Get a Bison - it puts hair on your chest! *

*Metaphorically! Actual hair growth is a rare side-effect experienced mainly among pre-pubescent handlers.