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Kiss These Items Goodbye!

January 10, 2013 - Saxton Hale

Bidwell was taking stock of some of our older merchandise this week and found out some idiot's been using one of our warehouses to store pallets of spoiled mayonnaise. Raccoons all over the place. Fancy Fedoras, Prussian Pickehaubes, Football Helmets -- these items were part of Mann Co. history. Some of them were the first items we ever shipped. They deserved a better end than rotting in a puddle of rotten condiments and raccoon poop, let me tell you.

Here's a complete list of all the stock we lost: BATTER’S HELMET, SOLDIER’S STASH, PYRO’S BEANIE, DEMOMAN’S FRO, FOOTBALL HELMET, MINING LIGHT, PRUSSIAN PICKELHAUBE, TROPHY BELT and FANCY FEDORA. That's right, folks: These hats are gone.

For the next two weeks, we're selling anything in the warehouse that wasn't damaged. Purchase and craft these things while you can, because once the two weeks are up I'm burning the warehouse down. Also, I don't know if you can get rabies from wearing a hat that a raccoon bit, but if you can don't come crying to me about it. If you don't want your hats to give you diseases, don't buy them out of warehouses, that's my advice. That's just one of the reasons I wear as few clothes as possible at all times. Never been sick in my life.

This just got signed by Saxton Hale

Item retirement FAQ

Q: What is happening to this set of nine hats in two weeks?
A: These items will no longer be sold in the store, randomly dropped, unboxed as unusuals, or acquired through crafting.

Q: What happens to copies of these items that are already in my backpack?
A: All existing copies of the items will remain unaffected.

Q: What about older crates that have these items as a potential drop?
A: Crates that contain these items will still have a chance at unboxing them in normal quality only.

Q: How will I now acquire these items?
A: These items are still useable in trading.

Q: Will these items ever come out of retirement?
A: No. Once an item is retired it will stay that way.

Q: Will more items be retired in the future?
A: Advance notice will be given if any other items will be retired.