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Tonight at the VGAs: Game of the Decade, and Best Overall Saxxy Winner!

December 7, 2012 - TF2 Team

Make sure to check out Spike TV's Video Game Awards pre-show tonight at 8pm EST over here, where we'll be unveiling the winner of the Best Overall category from the 2012 Saxxy Awards! (In case you miss it, go ahead and rewind to the beginning).

That not exciting enough for you? Well, Spike TV is also picking the best game of the decade. And guess what game is nominated. Did you guess TF2? Because, no. Believe us, we read the list about twenty times to make sure, and TF's definitely not on there. Why? Our guess is that it's all just a big popularity contest where commitment to you - the best community of the decade - apparently doesn't count for crap. That said, we should all stay calm and put the system on trial next decade, because both Portal and Half Life 2 are nominated, which is a pretty sweet deal for those two games. Sure, voting for one of them isn't the same as voting for TF2, but it's honestly as close as you're gonna get for at least ten more years, so go for it.

UPDATE: Click here to see the winner of Best Overall!