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ESEA TF2 LAN Playoffs

September 23, 2011 - TF2 Team

The ESEA League Season 9 LAN playoffs kick off today at 5PM CST and end Sunday September 25 and will be broadcast live online. This is the LAN playoffs for the invite division of the online regular season which features all the top North American players vying for this season's prize purse of $67,000! The tournament includes not only Team Fortress but Counter-Strike as well.

The LAN playoffs are a best of three double elimination bracket. Here are the official seeds:

  • eMazing Gaming TF2
  • The Experiment
  • Classic Mixup
  • Area51 Gaming TF2
Maps to be played will be cp_badlands, koth_pro_viaduct_rc2, cp_granary, cp_gravelpit,gullywash_pro, and cp_warmfront. If a third map is required each team will eliminate a map from the regular season map rotation and one will be picked randomly from the remaining maps.

All the demos and scores will be available on ESEA along with photos and videos on ESEAnews.

Be sure to tune in for what is sure to be some great action!