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Happy Birthday to Us

August 24, 2011 - TF2 Team

This morning Robin Walker threw a birthday party and nobody came. Before you start feeling sorry for him, though, keep in mind he didn't actually invite anybody. He just keeps emailing the TF team pictures of himself in his backyard - jumping around in an inflatable jungle gym he rented, forcing a hired clown to make him balloon animals, and unwrapping gifts he bought himself.

Robin's increasingly sad collection of birthday pictures reminded us that Team Fortress turns fifteen today. To celebrate, we've decided to throw a party ourselves. And unlike Robin, we're inviting everybody. For the next 24 hours, anybody who plays TF2 is going to get:

  • A free party hat!
  • A free noisemaker that will have unlimited uses on Team Fortress's birthday and can only be used each year on that day!
  • Free cake and gifts (in the form of remodeled health kits and ammo packs)!

You'll also see the return of the best stuff from previous TF birthday celebrations, including:

  • The Team Fortress Birthday Beach Ball!
  • The Celebration Gib, which causes gibbed players to explode in a shower of balloons and confetti!

We've got the balloons, we've got the presents, we've got the birthday cake. All we're missing is you. (And Robin. Judging from these pictures he's not coming back to work any time soon. The last one had him watching a magic show while riding a donkey wearing a little sombrero. No idea who's taking all these pictures. Possibly the clown.)