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Free-2-Play Invitational Cup Final

August 5, 2011 - TF2 Team

The Free-2-Play Invitational Cup, featuring teams from Counter-Strike Source, Left 4 Dead 2, Brink, and Call of Duty 4, has their final match up on Sunday, August 7th at 19:00 BST / 20:00 CEST / 11:00 PDT / 14:00 EDT. Top team Epsilon Brink will face off against a team of Valve employees and a variety of internet celebrities. Robin Walker and Jon Lippincott of Valve will be joined by Richard 'Gonzo' Lewis and John 'TotalBiscuit' Bain from backing them up. The final two slots are represented by top players Fredrik 'TheSucker' Dahlberg and Magnus 'Macisum' Fiskum. More details and coverage can be found on Cadred.