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Competitive TF2 Update

July 28, 2011 - TF2 Team

Ashkan fired us an email with some info on a couple of upcoming matches:

  • We've got some exciting matches waiting for you! In the competitive community, there are only a handful of Grand Finals played each year, but this week, we happen to have three of them in two days! As you already know, we had UK and Germany duking it out in the ESL Country Championship Finals yesterday. Today, we have the ESL Finals between team SG-1 and team K1ck. We've got something for everyone though, as you can catch the CommFT European Highlander Finals today as well. Head over to VanillaTF2 for more info on that.
  • Maybe even more noteworthy, the first Free-2-Play Invitational Cup – challenging top teams from other shooters to battle it out in TF2 – will be played today. We've got competitive teams from Counter-Strike Source, Left 4 Dead 2, Brink and Call of Duty 4, all meeting on the battlefield of Team Fortress 2 to try their luck in an exciting clash. The winner of this cup will go on to play a show match at a later date against a Valve/All-Star team joined by TotalBiscuit himself. Make sure you don’t miss it, check out Cadred for more information.
Since a couple of us at Valve will soon be playing the winners of the Free-2-Play Invitational Cup, we've also started ramping up the amount of time we spend thinking about ways to cheat win creatively. In completely unrelated news, if you see any TF2 updates in the future that have no changelist, don't worry, there's absolutely nothing going on.