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Screw hats, help sick children!

July 15, 2011 - TF2 Team

The Lo-Fi Owners Group have teamed up with Child's Play to ensure those kids in hospitals around the world get have some fun with video games while they wait their turn to be Ubercharged. They are looking to raise $1000 from your donations. The 30 most generous donators will receive a Lo-Fi Longwave hat from KritzKast, and will be invited to play a few rounds with our very own Robin Walker.

Full details and rules of the event may be found in the forum. The charity match is tomorrow, so you're running out of time. Head over here to chip in some cash for the worthy cause. And please, if you find Robin in your crosshairs, don't hesitate for a second - take him out. Don't worry if you're out of practice, he's crap at TF2.