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Tournament Recap

July 5, 2011 - TF2 Team

The fine folks over at VanillaTF2 dropped us a line to tell us that one of the best games in competitive TF2 history wrapped up on the weekend, when Team Thermaltake met TCM Gaming in the ETF2L Season 9 Premiership Final. If you haven't seen it already, you're in for a treat. You can watch the shoutcast over here (match starts at the 0:53), or the firstperson view over here (match starts at 0:43:30).

Torden also sent us a this breakdown of various other upcoming events in competitive TF2:

  • Ozfortress's Capping for a Cause 2: An online charity event, where ingame caps = money donated to fighting cancer. Australia, June 26th - beginning of August.
  • ESL Nations Cup: The Spain vs England loser bracket final (last before grand final) is scheduled for Thursday July 7th, 21.15cest (eu), 15:15 edt (na), 05:15 est (aus).
  • Summer Assembly: A TF2 tournament at one of the biggest LAN parties in EU (about 5k participants) - Helsinki (Finland), August 4-7th, 3'650 Euro prize pool.
  • Insomnia 43: With regards to TF2, the biggest LAN tournament we have, with some 300+ participants for our game, and something similar for CS and a few other games - August 26th-29th, 5000+ Pounds prize pool.
  • Stagelan: A new tournament, using one of the most prominent esports locations there is - Kiev (Ukraine) November 12-13th, 4-20'000 Dollar prize pool.