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Battle Voting Continues!

May 23, 2011 - TF2 Team

At the close of the submission deadline last Thursday, we'd received tens of thousands of videos—many of them amazing, others less amazing but at least following the rules, and still more of them clips from King of Queens with Linkin Park songs dubbed over them. While we appreciate the passion of that final group, we should remind you that the King of Queens Metal Maelstrom contest isn't until next month.

For the rest of you, this is a reminder to get voting. As of last Thursday the Saxxys entered the all-important Battle Voting stage, with your choices bringing the strongest videos in each category to the top of the heap. Battle Voting ends Thursday, May 26th, so if you've got opinions, vote now while they still matter!

Once Battle Voting's culled the weak, Kevin James-based rap metal entries from the herd, a panel of immortal Valve combat film critics will descend from their monastery at the top of the Space Needle to choose a set of final nominees from each category. They will then bang an important-looking gong, thus re-opening the voting to the community. Each user will get ONE vote per category to help determine who will be taking home Saxxys.

Lastly, some clarifications: 1:01 IS a valid length for submissions, since it turns out YouTube is adding a second here or there during upload. Also, flagged videos ARE being screened and removed. We're listening and our fingers are hovering over the DELETE button, so keep flagging.

That's it! Thanks to the TF community as a whole for taking the time to vote, and specifically to the many talented folks out there who were willing to take the Replay Editor out for a spin and make some entertaining shorts in the process.