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April 5, 2011 - TF2 Team

Here's an update of some happenings in the TF2 community:

  • ChemicalAlia has been working on a female counterpart to the Spy.
  • Gang Garrison just launched a new classy update with all sorts of new and improved features.
  • ETF2L finals for the European Highlander Challenge Cup has been completed! SNSD clinched top spot against Colony.
  • Pubbers vs Pros has also concluded with the pubbers grabbing the win against the pros.
  • Replays of both the Highlander Challenge and Pubbers vs Pros mentioned tournaments are available here complete with commentary.
  • Turkeydoesnotwantplz made this sweet minigun to tromp around his neighborhood with. Looks like he needs a couple more sandviches though.
  • TF2TV is holding a competition for people to create a TF2TV themed poster or wallpaper. Details on their page.