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Gotta move that gear up!

April 8, 2010 - Tom Bui

Just a quick update to point out some of the fantastic community activity out there that gets emailed to us every so often. Hopefully you're aware of some of it already. If not, you're in for a treat.

  • About a billion or so people (we counted) emailed us links to the amazing Law Abiding Engineer trailer. If you've already seen it, make sure you check out the side-by-side comparison with the original trailer, so you can truly appreciate OneMoreUser's work.
  • The mysterious person behind the Guard Dog update has raised the bar on fake updates to an insane height with his latest opus, the fake Engineer Update! We're going to warn you ahead of time: Whatever we end up actually coming up with probably won't be as cool as the Chicken Cannon.
  • The talented folks behind Gang Garrison have just released version 2.2. With reworked weapons, new game modes, and fancier menus and HUDs, it's pretty much better than TF2 in every possible way now. Except for the total lack of hats. Guess we know who the real pros are around here. Go download version 2.2 and let them know how much you want fancy headgear. It's been scientifically proven that hats improve any game they're featured in.

  • Slightly older, but if you haven't played Dylan 'Steaky' Loney's Great Class Dash yet, you should head over and grab it right away.
  • Community Fortress continues to do a much better job than we do of tracking competitive TF2. We really liked their latest Moments of Glory, because Riki's engineer moment reminds of why all the most awesome players are either Engineers or Australians (usually both).
  • ETF2L is gearing up for their Highlander Community Challenge. It's a fun tournament aimed at getting lots of people into some fun competitive matches. If you feel like you're crushing everyone in pubs, this'll be a great opportunity for you to find a new challenge. In addition, we're providing them with the ability to give out in-game medals to players who participate in the tournament. Everyone knows there's only one thing that beats a fine hat-wearing chap: a hat-wearing chap who's also covered in medals. We're not making any of this up, people. These are game design facts.

  • We love jsparakov's TF2 & L4D mashup, especially the "gassing up the cart" bit. If he'd only thought to cover the zombies in hats and medals, it'd be the greatest map ever made.
  • Pink Royale has done some neat reproductions of the snapshots in Meet the Spy. Pretty hot stuff. Don't email this to the Scout.