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The Big Red One

December 15, 2009 - Robin Walker

Soldiers continue to hold the lead in the war—but like an M&M lodged up their collective noses, the Demoman refuses to melt away quietly. In other M&M-Stuck-Up-Drew-Wolf's-Nose metaphor news, the Soldier's lead remains thin as a candy coating. In fact, judging from our most recent numbers (4923531 Soldiers killed to 5056134 Demomen killed), the Demo actually seems to be closing the gap as the War hurtles to a close.

For all you conscientious objectors to the war, you can still make some postwar memories to tell your grandchildren, because Team Fortress 2 is having another free weekend starting Thursday night as soon as the update goes live (though you can start preloading now).

As for all you soldiers fighting the good fight in the trenches, only to find the Demo-controlled media back home painting you as incompetent monsters, this update's for you.