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Casualties of War

December 14, 2009 - Robin Walker

If there is a tragedy in war (besides all the killing), it is that there must be a loser. Currently, we all know who that loser is.

Drew Wolf, who still has a red Peanut M&M lodged so deeply up his nose that hospital doctors were unable to extract it. "It will probably melt after a while," they told me. (I had to drive him to the hospital.) "Maybe put his head under a heat lamp for a bit."

The other loser, of course, is the Demoman, who JUST SLIGHTLY trails the Soldier in overall kills. So tonight is the Demoman's update: no Soldier information whatsoever. New weapons? Read all about 'em. New comic? No Soldier to be seen.

Go get 'em, lads. This war ain't over yet.