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War, Day 2

December 11, 2009 - Robin Walker

A day later, the war rages on—the kill tally is, quite literally, in the millions, and the forums are alive with the sounds of people having good, friendly fun while hurling bitter, teary-eyed recrimination at one another.

You'll be happy to know the Demo/Soldier War has even taken hold inside the Valve offices. Sides have been drawn. Normally cheerful co-workers point fingers and whisper angry things about other co-workers' mothers. It's dark, folks. The police have been called eight times today. Granted, times two, three and seven were was because TF2 team member Drew Wolf kept getting an M&M stuck up his nose, but I think you take my point: this thing's starting to get interesting.

So what better move on our part than to add fuel to the fire? Check out our new Propaganda Contest, which has prizes like a one-of-a-kind exclusive in-game item for use by you and you only, NAMED after you and you only, and bearing your name (and your name only) on it.

Keep fighting the good fight, Sollys and Demos. Here are a couple sprays for you to support your cause: Demo or Soldier.