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Team Fortress News Roundup

November 18, 2009 - TF2 Team's Payload Race & A/D CTF Contest

What happens when you give some TF2 mappers six months to make a map? What happens if that map is payload race or a resurrected Team Fortress Classic game mode, Attack/Defend CTF? decided to find out. Take 'em for a spin and place your votes!

TF2 Training Map Now Available

Looking for a spot to practice your moves without getting fragged to oblivion? Check out tr_walkway, a super-handy bot-spawning training map you can use to teach yourself, or just brush up on, a wide selection of TF2 offensive and defensive fighting techniques.

ETF2L Turns Two

The European Team Fortress 2 League turned two recently. In their own words:

  • "Whether it's a public server, a group of friends forming a clan, or a team of volunteers trying to build a place for people to play, online gaming and e-sports enterprises are notoriously fragile and short-lived. So, it's with a great degree of humility that ... we say we're very proud to see our organisation progress from strength to strength to become the biggest TF2 league in the world."

Congratulations on the anniversary, guys!

This Mailbox Just Got Dominated by Saxton Hale

Those of you who sent in money along with a coupon cut from Gentleman Scoundrel Magazine from our Sniper vs. Spy update recently received a handsome collection of postcards from Valve's other resident Australian strongman, Saxton Hale.

The money you sent has been donated to gamer charity Child's Play. Our legal department wants us to remind you that, in the future, please do not send us money (no matter what it says in the fake fictional advertisement). A friendly letter is enough to get potential free stuff sent your way.