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The Final Countdown

October 30, 2009 - TF2 Team

The good news is that yesterday's $2.50 sale saved the company. The bad news for our bean counters is that, as a "thank you" from all of us on the TF team, we're rolling back prices like it's Thursday. That's right — Team Fortress 2 is BACK ON SALE at its original, company-busting Thursday Super Sale of the Century price of just $2.49! But only until 1:00pm PDT! And this is the last time we're doing this! There will be no more sales!

"Gee," you may be thinking, "the first time it was on sale, I bought a copy for myself. Then, when it went on sale a second time, I bought some more copies to give to my friends and family. Sooo... Ummm... I guess I don't know what to do."

Well, sure, you bought a copy for yourself. You bought copies for your friends. But ask yourself this: Have I bought enough copies... for my enemies?

Sounds crazy, right? You know what else sounded crazy? Using only words to recreate the feeling of when something unexpected happens in a movie trailer and all of a sudden there's a loud record scratch. People told us that would never work, but - as you probably remember from the previous paragraph - it totally did work. You know what sounded even crazier than that? Selling the greatest team-based multiplayer shooter ever made for two dollars and forty nine cents. And that turned out pretty well, too.