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Day 6 Spy Update Hooray!

May 19, 2009 - Stavros Xanthis

Hello to you! My name is Stavros. I am now Vice President of Valve game company! Is very exciting! But much work. I am now head programmer, animator and game designer, plus I am washing Robin's clothes. (So many beef stains!)

But Robin is busy man, so I not mind. He is Big Valve President now and decide not to fire me. He sit on Valve President Yoga Ball and say "I am need someone to shoot at with BB gun, Stavros." Then he does! Ow! But is all in good funs. (Except when I am trying to return the funs, then Robin say he kill me.)

Today is Day 6 of Spy Update. Please to pursue this link to Ambassador, a new revolver for Spy. Hooray!

Now to shoe Robin's horse. Robin enjoy riding through office some times to chase Stavros.