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Overheard: Robin Walker gets results

May 18, 2009 - Jay Pinkerton

"Alden, you have three seconds to tell me why you're fired."
"Wait, what? I—"
"You're fired."

"You wanted to see me, Robin?"
"Yes, Greg. What's the difference between you and you're fired?"
"I — what?"
"Clean out your desk, Greg."

"Yeah, Robin?"
"Ah, come in, Matt. How's the family?"
"Oh. Uh, good. What's this ab—"
"Top drawer. How about your little boy? He getting better at the ol' soccer?"
"Football. No, not really."
"Do you think he'd be any good at cleaning out your desk by five?"
"I —"
"Because you're fired."

"Laidlaw, it says here you're a writer. Well, let me tell YOU a story. Once upon a time you were fired. Then you cleaned out your desk by five."

"You wanted to see me, Robin?"
"Eric. I'd like you to clean your desk."
"I — sure, sir."
"Out by...?"
"Why! Oh! Why-Oh-You! Oh-You-Are-Eee! You're Fired!"