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Getting warmer

May 18, 2009 - Robin Walker

Valve's head of HR, Kathy, just came to talk to me. I'd been lining up employees in a row against the wall so I could run past and fire them faster.

"You're fired you're fired you're fired you're fired oh hi, Kathy. What's up?"

"I'm a little concerned that you're mistreating your authority." I nodded, then reminded her that we'd talked about her using smaller words.

"We think you've gone mad with power," she said, talking slowly and using her hands. That's when I knew: She was in on it. Best not to take any chances, I thought, as I reached for my firing stick.

I've been working through the staff in alphabetical order. So far I'm up to the L's. I told Marc Laidlaw I had a book in my office I wanted him to see. I didn't tell him the name of that book: Marc Laidlaw, You Are Fired, by Robin Walker.