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Seasonalander Fall 2023

October 20, 2023 - TF2 Team

(Image credit: SFM Render - Bishop, Compositing/Overlays - Father Hoovy Is Moist, Organization - IanTheAwsm)

Seasonalander has arrived for the Fall of 2023! This season will be raising funds for the British Red Cross, a global humanitarian organization whose work includes helping people in the UK and overseas when emergencies happen, preventing or easing human suffering around the world, supporting victims of modern slavery and trafficking, and protecting people in armed conflict. Seasonalander has set an initial goal of £1,000 with funds going directly towards immediate relief like food, support, equipment and shelter. More information on the British Red Cross can be found here!

Seasonalander is a Highlander-based 9v9 tournament that uses community-created maps based on the current season of the year, which is currently Fall/Autumn! This season will feature over 72 talented creators from across the Team Fortress 2 community in both North America and Europe in hopes of bringing the Team Fortress 2 community together for several various causes! Come see your favorites entertain by throwing hands and raising funds for those in need!

Help get the word out and be sure to tune in on the 21st and 22nd of October! European games will start at 3pm GMT / 10am EDT on both Saturday & Sunday. North American games will start at roughly 8pm GMT / 3pm EDT on both Saturday & Sunday.

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