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Tough Break Campaign Passes 50% Off!

February 15, 2016 - TF2 Team

Time flies, folks. There's now only a month left until the last contract drops in the Tough Break Campaign. So if you haven't joined up by now, then you'd better find your most tear-absorbent pillow and start crying into it, because guess what? You're too late.

Except wait! You're not too late! In fact, you're just in time to buy a Campaign Pass for only $2.99!

Why join up now? Because for half the price, you'll still get access to all 26 contracts, and completing them earns you campaign-exclusive weapon and case drops from the Gentlemanne's, Harvest, Pyroland and Warbird Collections. (And don't worry, we'll be adding a few weeks to the end of the event to give everyone time to finish their contracts.)

Buying a Pass also gets you weekly Tough Break Cosmetic Case drops from the day you buy it until the end of the campaign. You'll also get an upgradable Contract Stamp that will keep track of your progress on active contracts, level up as you complete them, and show off your level to other players on the Scoreboard.

Still not convinced? Because a portion of all Campaign Pass sales goes to the community mapmakers featured in the campaign—in this case, the Snowycoast, Vanguard, Highpass and Landfall maps!

STILL still not convinced? Well, then, we don't know what to to tell you, because that was pretty much every arrow in our quiver. You are one tough-to-convince customer, my friend. For everyone else who was convinced, we'll see you in-game!