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Team Fortress 2 Update Released

December 18, 2015 - TF2 Team

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed a client crash related to the HUD
  • Fixed a client crash related to picking up weapons
  • Fixed some Mac client crashes related to being out of memory
  • Fixed a bug with removing the Gifter's Name on gift-wrapped items
  • Fixed paint cans from the Gift-Stuffed Stocking always being tradeable
  • Fixed an issue with knives not animating correctly
  • Fixed a bug related to the Loose Cannon and bots in Mann vs. Machine mode
  • Fixed Engineer's Wrangler contract updating points for players other than the Engineer doing the contract
  • Fixed a bug where the Sapper preview would disable buildings when removed
  • Fixed a bug with Sentry Guns being disabled for 5 seconds instead of the desired 0.5 seconds after a Sapper is removed
  • Fixed an issue with The Concheror regen not being 4 health per second as intended
  • Fixed the Half-Zatoichi giving more overheal then intended. Max overheal is 1.5x base health.
  • Added the EdgeGamers UltiDuo Participant 2015 tournament medal
  • Added an option in Adv. Options to disable teammate glow effects after respawn
  • Updated the equip_region for the Chicago Overcoat
  • Updated the models/materials for The Chill Chullo
Notes missed from the previous update:
  • Huntsman
    • Can be fired while off the ground
  • Updated pass_pinewood
    • Fixed lighting/shadow issues
    • Increased size of water tower goals