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Team Fortress 2 Update Released

October 5, 2022 - TF2 Team

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

Scream Fortress XIV has arrived!

  • Featuring 6 new community maps: Soul-Mill, Helltrain, Bonesaw, Crasher, Ghoulpit, and Spookeyridge
  • Added the Ghoulish Gains Case
    • Contains 22 new community-created cosmetic items that make up the Ghoulish Gains Collection
    • Has a chance to give one of 5 new community-created Halloween-restricted items as a bonus item
    • Has a chance to give a taunt Unusualifier as a bonus item
  • Added 5 new community-contributed taunts to the Mann Co. Store
    • Taunt: The Scaredy-cat!
    • Taunt: Texas Twirl 'Em
    • Taunt: The Travel Agent
    • Taunt: Drunk Mann's Cannon
    • Taunt: Shanty Shipmate
  • Added 25 new community-created Unusual effects
    • 12 new effects for Unusual hats
    • 13 new effects for Unusual taunts
  • Added the Scream Fortress XIV War Paint Case
    • Contains 11 new community-created War Paints that make-up the Scream Fortress XIV War Paint Collection
    • Has a chance to give a taunt Unusualifier as a bonus item
  • All players who launch the game will receive a Soul Gargoyle if they don't already have one
    • Grants access to Merasmissions and Halloween item transmutations
    • Tracks Merasmissions completed and souls collected
  • All Halloween Contracts have been reset, allowing them to be completed again
  • Added new Contracts for this year's featured community maps
  • Completing a Halloween Contract will give players a classic Halloween item and the chance for a Ghoulish Gains Case or Scream Fortress XIV War Paint Case
  • Continue last year's event by collecting the souls of dead players for your Soul Gargoyle by killing enemies, doing map objectives, or collecting the Soul Gargoyles that spawn in the maps
  • All cosmetic and taunt Cases will grant Halloween 2022 Unusual effects instead of their normal Unusual effects during the event. This does not include Crates.
  • Join Halloween matches by using the Special Events category in Casual
  • Scream Fortress XIV runs through November 7th, 2022
  • Updated several maps to fix localization issues
  • Updated cp_snakewater_final1
    • Fixed walkable ledge near mid
    • Fixed match summary screen for competitive mode
    • Created some space between spawn points and door trigger in first forward spawn
    • Minor visual fixes