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Happy Not-At-All-Late 17th Birthday!

August 27, 2013 - TF2 Team

It's a special day today, folks—and that's because just four thousand minutes ago on this day, Team Fortress turned 17 years old! (We were going to give you a list of other things that turned 17 this year, but it turns out when you google "17 year old celebrities" at work, someone from HR comes by and tells you the police want to talk to you.)

Anyway, to celebrate our right-on-time, certainly-wasn't-on-August-24th birthday, we're pushing out an update! Just like last year, we're handing out Birthday Party Hats, which you can equip all year round, and Birthday Noise Makers, which can only be used over the next couple of days.

In non-birthday-related update news, we've also added something mysterious called Chemistry Sets for you curious chemists out there, and Romevision sharing, so anybody playing Mann vs. Machine on the same server with an owner of the Hardy Laurel can opt in. All that plus the usual bug fixes and map updates.

All we ask in return is that we all pretend it's August 24th. Because that definitely is the date that today is.