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Future Shock

March 19, 2013 - TF2 Team

Ever since we saw The Terminator, we've been keeping an eye out for the singularity that will trigger the robot apocalypse. So when Oculus VR contacted us about incorporating its terrifying future technology into TF2, we immediately called the police.

Luckily the Bellevue, WA police commissioner also saw The Terminator, and was able to patiently explain to us that this is nothing like that. So good news! We're adding Virtual Reality mode to TF2, custom-designed to work with Oculus's soon-to-ship Rift dev kits. All you'll have to do to get in on the non-terrifying, Terminator-free future of Team Fortress is pre-order a Rift kit. Once you've got it, add "-vr" to your command line options in Steam to access VR mode. Be sure to post in the forum and tell us what you think about it!

Still scared? Us too. (We accidentally watched The Terminator again in between paragraphs.) Visit the VR How-To Page on the official TF2 Wiki, which is packed with information about this new mode, and depressingly little information about how to stop the naked men that are on their way from the future to kill you.