Exciting news, everyone! We're going to have a fire drill. Nothing to worry about, it's not an actual fire. The Mannworks Quicklime Factory is being attacked by a robot army. Anyway, I'm on top of it: I found six criminals and armed them, so they're going to be running around shooting everything that moves. Just try to keep as still as you can without actually stopping.

Remember, robots are like bears, except in one key area: they are much, much, much
-- I really can't stress this enough -- much less scared of you than you are of them. Actually,
I think they're incapable of fear. Anyway, go limp if you see one. This also means don't go sprinkling quicklime on every corpse you see. Some of them won't be corpses. Just cowards.

Right. Talked to Bidwell. Forget I said corpses. Or robots. It's just a fire.