As with all things TF2, Mann vs. Machine is 100% free to play. If you're in the mood to grab a gun, hit the Upgrade Station and shoot the shine off some blood-hungry robots, then welcome to the war effort, because we could use a few good mercs.

But once the smoke's cleared on the battlefield, if you're the sort of merc who appreciates a good souvenir to remember a war by, or if you're just looking to let the whole world know what a bolt-chewing, bot-breaking old war-dog you are, grab a Tour of Duty Ticket from the Mann Co. Store and get ready to Mann Up. Mann Up Mode will get you rare item drops that respectfully commemorate your war against the robots by draping pieces of them on yourself.

Mann vs. Machine has its own set of Mann vs. Machievements, and you don't need to Mann Up to get them! Collect them all! Don't collect any of them! We respect you too damn much to tell you what to do.

Steel Fragnolias
Complete all waves successfully in a mission.

Wage Against the Machine
Earn a credit bonus at the end of a wave.

Brotherhood of Steel
Complete a mission with 5 people on your Friends list.

Clockwork Carnage
Destroy two tanks within 5 seconds of each other.

Clockwork Conqueror
Destroy a tank within 20 seconds of its arrival.

In a single wave, kill 15 bomb-carrying robots in a row before they level up.

Raid Array
Complete the Crash Course, Doe's Drill, and Manouvers missions.

Kritical Terror
Use a canteen charged with 'Crit Boost' to destroy a giant robot.

Use a canteen charged with 'Instant Building Upgrade' to build a new sentry gun.

System Upgrade
Max out all primary weapon upgrades.

Engine Block
Prevent the bomb from ever reaching an alarm zone during the final wave.

Silicon Slaughter
Destroy 100,000 robots.

Ctrl + Assault + Delete
Destroy a sentry buster before it reaches its target.

Buff 4 or more teammates as a Soldier at the same time in a single wave.

Vial Sharing
As a Medic, share your canteen 5 times in a single wave.

Do Androids Dream?
As a Scout, using the Sandman mark for death 15 robots in a wave.

Hard Reset
As a Pyro, reset the bomb 3 times in a single wave.

Frags to Riches
Earn all credit bonuses in an advanced difficulty mission.

Fast Cache
Pick up a credit pile that is about to expire.

Collect 1,000,000 credits in your career.

Hack of All Trades
Play an entire mission as a single class, and do this for every class.

Destroy the tank during the final seconds of the bomb being deployed.

Spam Blocker
During a wave, defend the hatch 10 times from robots about to deliver a bomb.

Deus Ex Machina
Defeat a wave in an advanced difficulty mission without dying once.

Ghost in the Machine
Use a canteen charged with 'Teleport to Spawn' and then kill the bomb carrier within 5 seconds.

German Engineering
Use a canteen charged with '√úberCharge' to destroy 15 robots.

Shell Extension
Use a canteen charged with 'Ammo Reload' to refill an empty weapon slot during a wave.

Maximum Performance
Max out all resistances on a single class.

Negative Charge
Kill 5 Medics that are ready to deploy an √úberCharge in a wave.

Metal Massacre
Destroy 1,000,000 robots.

Sly Voltage
As a Spy, sap 10 robots at once.

Heavy Mettle
During a wave, use rage as a Heavy to push a robot about to deliver the bomb.

Tech Wrecker
As a Demoman, kill 10 robots in a single detonation.

Spark Plugger
As a Sniper, kill 4 enemies simultaneously.

Real Steal
As an Engineer, escape with your sentry as a sentry buster is about to detonate.