Arena Sawmill a été redesignée pour devenir la troisième carte CTF officielle de Valve. Deux chemins de contournement ont été bloqués pour concentrer les combats et un bâtiment prêt du point de respawn est maintenant accessible. Le bâtiment dispose d’une pièce forte qui contient l’intelligence ennemie. Un drapeau précieux fait de microfilm ou de nylon. Bref que du bonheur !
New Content:
  • Added King Of The Hill game mode.
  • Added custom animations played by the losing team during the post-win state. They are moved into third person camera to enjoy them.
  • Added lots of new hats.
  • Added koth_Viaduct.
  • Added ctf_Sawmill
  • Added community map Arena_Offblast
  • Added community map Cp_Yukon
Additions / Changes:
  • Added "Auto Reload" option to the multiplayer advanced options.
  • Clip-based weapons that reload a full clip at a time can now have their reloads aborted by firing.
  • Pistol now fires at a fixed rate, not based on the speed at which you press the firing button.
  • Added a color blind option to add a Jarate icon above enemies who are busy accepting a terrifying existence where they have no dignity.
  • Significantly reduced the amount of network traffic being sent.
  • Capturing the flag in a CTF game mode gives the entire capturing team 10 seconds of critboost.
  • Sappers attached to a teleporter automatically place another Sapper on the other end of the teleporter, if it exists.
  • Engineers wrenching a teleporter will repair the other end as well, and remove Sappers from both if they exist.
  • Disguised Spies no longer trigger On-Hit effects (like the Blutsauger's heal).
  • Removed self-inflicted minicrits. Fixes Jarate'd Soldiers/Demomen having ineffective rocket/grenade jumps.
  • Added an item panel to the spectator cam that shows non-standard items being carried by the player you're spectating.
  • Added an "Inspect" key that allows you to look at items being carried by your team mates.
  • Backpack improvements:
  • - Added drag & drop to move items around. Item positions are maintained on the backend.
    - Added multi-select, allowing you to delete multiple items at once.
    - Added a new key to the key binding page that opens your inventory directly to your backpack.
    - Fixed mouseover panel being incorrectly position when the backpack first appears.
  • Cloaked Spies standing in valid backstab positions no longer raise their knife.
  • Added current map name and gametype to the bottom right of scoreboard.
  • Added class icons to tips on the loadout and loading screens.
  • Improved visuals around flags when they're being carried by a player.
  • Improved critboosted visuals, making it much clearer when an enemy has critboost.
  • Updated the loading panel to show the game type under the map name during level transition.
  • In-game chat dialog now supports full Unicode characters.
  • Added BLU main menu background.
  • Added response caching for some server queries to help reduce the CPU load from DOS attacks.
  • Teammates no longer block friendly radius damage. Prevents nearby teammates causing rocket/grenade jumps to fail.
Map Changes:
  • Update PLR_Pipeline
  • - Increased the starting advantage in the third round if a team has won the first two rounds.
    - Fixed carts not continuing to the second round if they're capped at the same time in the first round.
    - Fixed being able to shoot pipebombs over the starting gates in the first round.
    - Fixed being able to open the doors in the first round before the setup time was finished.
    - Fixed players getting stuck in some doors.
    - Fixed players being able to get onto rooftops and out of the map boundaries.
    - Fixed other minor bugs and exploits.
  • Update Arena_Sawmill
  • - Fixed DirectX8 bug where some models would not be visible.
    - Fixed exploit with building teleporters outside of the map.
  • Updated CP_Granary
  • - Made a few changes to improve balance based on competitive community feedback.
Item Reworks:
  • The Force of Nature
  • - The enemy knockback now only works in close range and behaves more like the Pyro's air blast.
    - Enemies cannot be juggled by the FaN's effect.
    - The self-knockback has also changed to respect the firer's view angle. Looking up while shooting will no longer propel the enemy upwards.
    - Knockback is now scaled by damage done.
  • The Sandman
  • - A Scout will receive 1 point for stunning an enemy and 2 points for a long range stun.
    - Stunned players now take 75% of all incoming damage instead of 50%.
    - Übercharged players can no longer be stunned.
    - Heavies spinning their mini-guns will continue to spin when stunned (whether the left or right mouse button is pressed).
    - The minimum distance to stun a target has been reduced.
    - The negative attribute has changed from "no double jump" to "-30 max health".
  • Fixed various issues around layout & presentation of items inside the Backpack and "X is carrying" item dialogs.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to work around sv_pure.
  • Particle files are now protected by sv_pure.
  • Fixed critboost effect getting stuck on when you die while critboosted.
  • Fixed Timer HUD element backgrounds not being the correct color if you change teams during waiting for players.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the way critboosts affected The Huntsman and the Spy's knife.
  • Fixed an exploit where you could reload The Huntsman faster than intended.
  • Fixed Heavy "civilian" exploit.
  • Fixed a set of exploits using the DXSupport config files.
  • Fixed r_screenfademinsize and r_screenfademaxsize exploits.
  • Fixed sentries firing at a fully cloaked Spy if they're still the closest target.
Community requests:
  • Added a HUD element for hybrid CTF & CP maps.
  • - Supports 1 or 2 flags, and any number of CPs.
    - Mapmakers need to place a "tf_logic_hybrid_ctf_cp" entity in their map to enable it.
  • Added custom kill server log text "train" and "saw" for deaths caused by these environmental hazards.
  • Format: "%s<%i><%s><%s>" committed suicide with "world" (customkill "%s") (attacker_position "%d %d %d")
  • Added new "medic_death" event for server logs
  • Format: "%s<%i><%s><%s>" triggered "medic_death" against "%s<%i><%s><%s>" (healing "%d") (ubercharge "%s")
    - healing is the amount the Medic healed in that life
    - ubercharge (1/0) is whether they died with a full charge
  • Added "func_respawnflag" trigger entity. It will remove & return the flag if a flag carrier touches it, or if the flag falls into it.
Cette mine abandonnée au sommet de cette montagne a été reconditionnée en un base secrète. Et pour en assurer la couverture, on continue d’y exploiter du charbon. Il y a également un tronc suspendu au centre de la carte, un hommage à tous les autres troncs du monde. Des troncs qui parlaient trop.

Cinq points de contrôle garantissent de nombreux retournements de situation dans cette carte d’extérieur très dense avec de nombreux tunnels et rochers. De nombreuses routes alternatives permettent de contourner éventuellement l’ingénieur embusqué à la sortie du tunnel et de venir le surprendre par derrière.

CP_Yukon est une carte de communauté du duo Patrick « MangyCarface » Mullholland and Joachim « Acegikmo » Holmér.

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