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Cp_gorge is a top secret alpine facility diabolically masquerading as something else entirely: in this case, a sinister weapons factory disguised as an innocent water purification plant, and a large-ish hole not big enough to meet the U.S. Geological Survey’s standards for a gorge, disguised as a by-the-book, nothing-to-see-here gorge.

Cp_gorge is an attack/defense map with only two control points, designed for quick rounds and fast, frantic play. It has more lateral game space than previous Control Point maps, allowing for more maneuvering options.

In the middle of the night, two bridges span a bottomless chasm of certain doom. (Said bridges span the chasm in the day also, but the gate is locked.) Secret bases concealed behind the unassuming facades of a factory and a farm built next door to each other fool absolutely no one in the area, who sometimes gather around to “watch all them mercenaries fight over that spy base.”

Doublecross is a fast-paced map that promises a lot of turnaround, with fighting focused on the main bridge and plenty of ways to fall off of it (or cause others to). The secondary train bridge below is perfect for sneakier classes, and provides a number of secret tunnels.