The second of our Two Cities finds the mercs defending the Medic's vaguely European hometown of Rottenburg — a sprawling village famous for its centuries-old traditions of 1) chasing the next in the resident lineage of mad doctors out of town with torches and pitchforks whenever they swapped out too many super-charged baboon hearts, and 2) never having been attacked by an army of robots.

Traditions will fall, as will Rottenburg itself if the mercs can't defend its twisting cobblestone streets and iconic towers from Gray Mann's robot onslaught.
The Medic brings some muscle to the merc side in the Robot War with some nifty new upgrades: He can now bring dead teammates back to life, put up an upgradable shield that repels projectiles while electrocuting robots, and shoot Mad Milk syringes.
The "Rocket Specialist" upgrade lets the Soldier shoot faster rockets that temporarily stun any target they don't kill. Direct hits to a target increase splash damage radius to surrounding enemies.
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