What would you do if an evil wizard showed up at your door with a plot to kill you and your friends? Call the police? Because magic doesn't exist and he's probably just a local crazy person who should be in prison? Well congratulations, Aristotle, your lack of childlike wonder just ruined Halloween. Close your browser and go destroy something else with your logic, like Christmas. The rest of you non-Aristotles can scroll down to see all the great stuff an irrational belief in the supernatural is about to get you.
If you're like us, you spend the better part of six months decorating your house with cardboard skeletons and blinking-light Draculas, and then Halloween's over in a couple of hours and you spiral back into depression. Luckily, Halloween lasts all year round with every item in the community-created Gargoyle Case, none of which have the Halloween or Full Moon restriction from previous years' items!
Created by the brilliant map-making ghouls, goblins and sexy Ghostbusters of the TF2 community! Remember, mapmakers share in the revenue of case items!
The Scream Fortress Gargoyle in your inventory will summon the dark spirit of Merasmus from the inky depths of Sergei's trunk. Merasmus will answer his cell (if he has enough bars) and assign you an eldritch Merasmission in one of TF’s past Halloween modes! AWOOOOOO! Fulfilling Merasmissions and reaping souls for his gargoyle will earn you items from past Halloweens and a chance at the new Gargoyle Case! And keep an eye out for spawning Gargoyles while playing—if you find them in time, you can earn extra souls towards your Merasmission total!
Your Scream Fortress Gargoyle keeps track of your progress on active Merasmissions, levels up as you complete them, and shows off your level to other players on the scoreboard.
Go riding with your best friends Robby-Bob and Herman, or enjoy a rousing game of Bibwich and snatch the catch or avoid the noid or whatever nonsense is in the stupid books that inspired these awesome taunts.
Drop and give me nothing, maggot, because you are dead! That was your eulogy! Thank you for coming, everyone! Join me at my house for punch and a selection of old soups!
Introducing Mannpower Mode, now out of beta with new powerups and a purpose built map. So fire up the game, have some fun grappling around, and let us know what you think!
Touching an enemy gives them and their nearby team mates the plague. Plague victims bleed to death in 10 seconds unless they pick up a health kit or touch a resupply cabinet.
Increased max health, small health regeneration, small fire and reload rate increase. Attributes shared with nearby teammates.
Discharge your supernova attack (grapple secondary fire) to briefly stun nearby visible enemies. Stunned enemies drop their powerups, and are pushed away from the supernova attacker. Once discharged, the Supernova powerup disappears and respawns.