Misfortune telling! Dangerous rides! The world's biggest test-your-strength strongman machine! Merasmus's Carnival of Carnage has it all... except corpses! Due to a miscommunication with his contractor, Merasmus forgot to build his evil carnival on top of an ancient burial ground. But thanks to an eldritch loophole, he can still salvage his sinister sideshow by piling an impromptu burial ground on top of it. If only he knew an unstable group of hired killers willing to rack up a body count fast.
People with twisted bodies and weird, misshapen limbs! Lakes of urine-scented water! We took the summer memories of visiting a public swimming pool and injected them right into our fall update! Simulate the discomfort and queasiness in the comfort of your own home!
Anyone in the evil carnival business will tell you that if you don't build it over a burial ground, you're getting two, maybe three units of evil per square foot, tops. Luckily, Merasmus found some old spells behind a box of Tom Jones eight-tracks in his storage unit. So he was able to bring back some Scream Fortress classics!