We've been busy vacuuming the gravy stains out of our red carpet, gossiping about who will be wearing which designers' hats, and practicing our sensationally boring dance numbers in anticipation of the First Annual Saxxy Awards, where a lucky twenty of you, the members of the TF2 community, will compete for the most prestigious virtual award in combat filmmaking: a foot-high bust of an almost entirely naked Australian man.

The Saxxys boast twenty wide-ranging categories to compete in, from the ludicrous to the touchingly ludicrous. Submissions end May 20th, so if you want to bring home the gold, you'd better open up your Replay Editor and get creating.

Remember, you're only limited... by your imagination. Also by length, because if you think we're sitting through hundreds of hours-long submissions, guess again, Scorsese.
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1. Most Inventive Kill
2. Best Mid-air Murder
3. Biggest Massacre
4. Funniest Replay
5. Best Getaway
6. Best Revenge
7. Most Pwnage
8. Most Heroic
9. Players Choice
10. Best Set Design
11. Best Team Costume
12. Best Original Soundtrack
13. Best 30 Second Trailer
14. Best Coordinated Combat
15. Most Dramatic
16. Best Cinematography
17. Best Editing
18. Most Epic Fail
19. Most Extreme Stunt
20. Best Overall Replay
Please keep entries to under a minute, and at a resolution of at least 720p. Only entries created between 12:00:00 AM GMT, Thursday, May 5th, 2011 and 11:59:59 PM GMT, Friday, May 20th, 2011, and submitted by 11:59:59 PM GMT, Friday, May 20th, 2011, will be considered.

Only one entry per category per Steam user will be considered. If you submit multiple entries in a single category, the last entry submitted by the deadline will be considered, and the others will be ignored. Entries by multiple authors are allowed.

No entries containing copyrighted materials (outside of Valve's IPs) will be considered. Materials (.DEM files, for example) may be requested to prove original authorship.

The use of external software in the creation of entries is permitted in all categories. However, the Replay renderer MUST be used for initial TGA/WAV data if an external editor is used, OR if rendering an entry from within TF2. Video Preset "Maximum" MUST be used, regardless of whether you are rendering a movie from TF2 or raw TGAs and a .WAV.

Can I submit to multiple categories?
You may submit a movie for each category if you want to.

Can I submit the same movie to multiple categories?
You may submit your movie to multiple categories, but only if applicable.

My machine will not allow me to run Team Fortress 2 at a resolution high enough to support 720p rendering. What can I do?
If your machine won't allow you to run the game at a resolution high enough to render at 720p, you may submit at 480p.

Where do I submit my movie?
Submissions should be made through the main menu of the game. Press the "SUBMIT" button, which is underneath the Saxxy.

Can we use public domain music, video, and/or text?

What if my movie exceeds the one minute time limit?
Videos must not exceed one minute in length.

Do submissions have to be based on actual gameplay, or can I fake it?
Either is fine.

Can I combine footage from multiple replays?

Can I use my POV or SourceTV demos?
Not for this contest.

Are custom skins and sprays allowed?

Will I still be able to unlock all the replay achievements after the contest ends?

Will the winning submissions be based on view counts?
No. Submissions will be individually judged.

Can I add visual and sound effects to my submission?

I uploaded my video to YouTube at 720p but it doesn't show up as a viewing option. What happened?
Videos can sometimes take a while to process higher resolutions.

Can I upload my submission(s) directly to YouTube?