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The Saxxy Awards
Put away those hand puppets. Stop sketching stick figures in that flipbook. Cancel the Team Fortress LARP session you were planning. Finally, there's a much easier way to show people that totally badass move you did in TF2 last night: introducing the Replay System.

Never again will you have to resort to grunts and potentially lewd hand gestures. Replay-enabled servers record every round of the action, allowing you to make movies of your awesome performance (and the embarrassing performances of others) in the Replay Editor, using different camera angles, sexy motion blur and antialiasing.

You can even upload your opus to YouTube™ from within the game, and share your uploaded movies on Steam. At long last, you can give conclusive proof to your Steam friends that their suspicions were right on the money and you are terrible at video games.
We Can Fix It In Post
While watching a replay, press space bar to enter the editor.
Star of My Own Show
Spend some time editing a replay.
Home Movie
Achieve 100 YouTube™ views for your movie.
Indie Film Sensation
Achieve 10,000 YouTube™ views for your movie.
That’s a Wrap
Save your very first replay.
Time For Your Close-Up, Mr. Hale
Render a replay into a movie.
Local Cinema Star
Achieve 1,000 YouTube™ views for your movie.
Achieve 100,000 YouTube™ views for your movie.
Q: How do I access the replay editor?
A: To access the replay editor click on Replays from the main menu of Team Fortress 2. Then select a temporary replay that you wish to edit and click on Watch/Edit. Once the replay loads, press the space bar to popup the editor.

Q: Does it only save it from my character’s perspective?
A: No. While editing a video you can choose between three different perspectives to view the action; first person, third person and free camera mode. You can combine these to make different takes from the same replay.

Q: What is a take?
A: A take is a segment of a replay that you have edited. You can use in points and out points to form a take. You can also use the different camera modes to create unique takes from the same replay.

Q: What are in and out points and how do I create them?
A: In and out points mark the introduction and conclusion of your take. Once you’ve reached a good starting point for your take, pop open the replay editor, if it isn’t already open (see ‘How do I access the replay editor?’ above) and click on the triangular button in the bottom-middle of the screen (the one with an ‘I’). Continue playback until you reach a good ending point, and click the triangular button with an ‘O’ in it.

Q: How can I remove an "in" or "out" point?
A: You can remove an in or out point by clicking on the corresponding button again.

Q: How do I save out a take?
A: Once you've finished editing a take, click on the button in the upper-left corner and click Save As. A dialog will appear. Enter a name for your take, then click on Save. If you’ve already done a “Save As,” you can just click “Save” from the menu to save using the same name.

Q: How do I view a take?
A: Once a take has been saved you can view it by clicking on the original replay, clicking on the take you saved, and click on Watch/Edit.

Q: How do I upload my movie to YouTube?
A: To upload your take to YouTube click on Replays from the main menu and select the saved movie you wish to upload. Click on YouTube It, login to your YouTube account, and the movie will upload.

Q: Will replay break my existing demos when it goes live?
A: No. Replay has not affected the .dem format, so any .dem files that currently work in the game should not break when replay goes live.

Q: Can I import my existing demos to the replay system?
A: It’s possible, but not supported yet.

Q: Do I need to stay connected to a server in order to download my replay(s)?
A: No. Replays are served via HTTP, so a connection to the game server isn't needed.

For more info, check out the Creating a Replay Walkthrough