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The Saxxy Awards Are Here!

June 8, 2011 - TF2 Team

Hot damn! We're just minutes away from live-feeding the First Annual Saxxy Awards, and the anticipation is thick here at TF headquarters. Why? Because tonight, we are going to announce a contest winner every five minutes until someone dies! Hold on, there's somebody at the door. Keep rereading this paragraph until we get back.

Okay, we're back! Valve's lawyers said we need to make it clear that absolutely nobody is going to die as a result of these awards, and that we should erase that last paragraph. But guess what? We can't! We're live-feeding this blog post too! There's no going back! We're working without a net here. Literally anything could happen! Except for us claiming someone will die as a result of these awards, because we had to sign a pretty serious-looking stack of papers just now guaranteeing we will not mention it again.

What we can tell you is that all twenty of tonight's winners are going home with a handsome 100% Australium-plated Saxton Hale statuette, which'll look great on your virtual mantle, and even better buried waist-deep in the skull of one of your enemies, since it's also an in-game melee weapon. So technically we were right, and someone IS going to die as a result of these awards. Hold on, there's someone at the door again. While we go see who it is, why not settle in with a bowl of popcorn and click on over to the awards, which by the time you finish reading this might have already started.


Most Inventive Kill:
The Lime One
Created by: [LapFox] The Limie One

Best Mid-air Murder:
Spy in the Sky
Created by: Q. and Quark

Biggest Massacre:
[TF2] Saxxy Awards - Biggest Massacre
Created by: tF

Funniest Replay:
TF2 Failed Griefing
Created by: ArseGravy

Best Getaway:
The Ninja Scout. TF2 REPLAY (Finals)
Created by: Goronix

Best Revenge:
Scout Comeback
Created by: Kaedechtu

Most Pwnage:
First Annual Saxxy Awards Film (by Maso)
Created by: Maso

Most Heroic:
uberblokK -The Medic Who blocked with an uber [Saxxy Most Heroic Finalist]
Created by: .G(omez)

Best Set Design:
'What is beauty?' - Best Set Design

Best Team Costume:
Created by: Clovernoodle, Darth Z, Hamz The Gentle Manne, Beep, Legion, Fire on the Mountain and Moby The Duck

Best Original Soundtrack:
Saxton's Six
Created by: Zoolooman, Juno and rally

Best 30 second trailer:
Heavy Endorsing Guy
Created by: EdbotnikThe

Best Coordinated Combat:
TF2 - Best Coordinated Combat - SAXXY Awards
Created by: JulianosTheGreat

Most Dramatic:
The Spying - Team Fortress 2 Saxxy Awards
Created by: OneOfThoseDays and Damone

Best Cinematography:
Saxxy Award Entry
Created by: Sauctaliens

Best Editing:
The Battle for DeGroot Keep
Created by: Heeere's Johnny

Most Epic Fail:
TF2 Replay: Most Epic Fail Finalist
Created by: rage

Most Extreme Stunt:
Reflect! Reflect! Reflect!
Created by: [RMF]RIKUSYO

Players' Choice aka Most Controversial:
Badwater D
Created by: jig

Best Overall:
El Muchacho
Created by: xlr105 -Chicken Eater-

And that's a wrap! Thanks to everybody who submitted an entry, all the people who voted, and to Rebecca Black and Rick Astley, who submitted their own work several thousand times under different names. Read the rules next time, Rick Astley. Geez.

Thanks again! We can't wait to see what you'll come up with as the TF filmmaking tools evolve.