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Mounts and Blades and Hats and Fires and Hats and Swords

April 28, 2011 - TF2 Team

Pre-purchase the "everything explained in the title" game Mount & Blade With Fire & Sword by May 3rd and you'll receive two new TF2 hats: The Hetman's Headpiece for the Engineer, and the Janissary Ketche for the Spy, pictured above.

What else is up? This: SpaceChem, the game Robin Walker dubbed "pretty much the greatest game ever made," has introduced three new TF2-themed levels. Travel to Australia, solve puzzles and unlock achievements to receive the new craftable element Moustachium in TF2. Use this new element to craft special SpaceChem-themed items, including a fishcake. That's right: this marks the start of a trend we're all for: other developer working their butts off to make a promotion for us. "Put your feet up, Team Fortress Team," SpaceChem seems to be saying. "You let us handle this one." Don't mind if we do, SpaceChem. Don't mind if we do.

And in community news:

  • MGE, My Gaming Edge, is teaming up with ESEA this Saturday and Sunday to shoutcast the entire season eight LAN finals. They plan to have a 1000 slot Mumble server along with a stream via their channel on More information will be announced as it comes in including schedule and specific times through their Steam group here.
  • Wanted more Ultiduo? May Cup #7 with a maximum of 64 teams participating in a double elimination tournament for a grand prize of $200 starts May 22nd. Additional information can be found here.