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This is Very Good Title to Blog Post

April 7, 2011 - The Heavy

Um. Hello. Is this on? Excuse please. This is first time making blog post. For babies. I am sorry. Before I sell you something, I am supposed to flatter you. So: not baby. You are all not babies. There. Done. Yes?

No? Oh kay.

Usually Soldier has baby job of talking to you through button board. He cannot come to blog today because he tells me he must accept highest honor US government can give: Jury Duty. He could not wait to go deliver his guilty hanging verdict for whatever it is criminal did, but he left seventeen page speech for me to type to you. I am not doing this.

Anyway, hats. They are new and very good for you. There are ten of them. One is bear, not hat. So nine hats and bear. Available through drops, craftings and store. Is good deal, you should buy. Moneys go to TF community members who make hats and bears. Do not wait. Get in line now for hat or bear. Have money ready because line is going to be long.

These are good words. Job is done. Where is Heavy's hat?