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December 10, 2010 - TF2 Team

A few months ago we got a chance to visit Weta Workshop and were blown away by all the amazing things that they had made. Remembering how lonely our new offices were and how we've been meaning to spruce them up, we asked them if they could make something for us. They agreed, large sums of cash and top secret blue prints of a sentry gun were exchanged, and they got to work. Throughout the entire process, Weta Workshop teased us with gorgeous high resolution pictures and videos of their progress.

Finally, last week we took delivery of the full-scale level 1 sentry gun, complete with a motion sensor and audio. It's an incredible piece of craftsmanship that we just had to share with the TF2 community and any visitors brave enough to enter our lobby.

Also we wanted to mention we now have an official Twitter account in addition to our Facebook page. Tweeting is still fairly new to us, but stop on by and 'Follow' us if you're into that kind of stuff. Any other TF2-related Twitter accounts aren't us.