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November 23, 2010 - TF2 Team

We're getting a little slack around here on the blog posting front. In our defense, we've just had our second day of snow in Seattle, and that means civilization has pretty much broken down entirely. We were about to eat our last intern when we realized we wouldn't have anyone who knew how to operate the blog posting tool/machine/software/doohickey. Luckily the intern, bless his little proactive (and tasty) heart, wrote a detailed description of how to use it on the company wiki. Around here, we call that a Career Limiting Move.

In other news, Poker Night at the Inventory is out. I know this because last night I was slaughtered by a Demoman sporting Dangeresque shades, a severed head, and an inhuman sense of aim. Clearly, scientific proof that these items make you better at the game.

And while we're here, have some community links:

  • We're a little late linking to it, but we're not prepared to take the risk that you haven't seen TF2 LAN Trilogy (Part 1) by Boneyard Production's AndyBoneS14. It's so awesome that we thought we'd already linked to it, because it seemed inconceivable that we hadn't. Turns out we were wrong, which is slightly more conceivable.
  • epic.LAN dropped us a line to let us know that they're kicking off their UK LAN TF2 Tournament. There's money on the table, boyos!
  • TFPortal has put up Part 4 of their TF2 Fanstuff Special. They sent us a link when they put up Part 1, and then decided to shame us by seeing how many more parts they could release before we linked to them. On the bright side, Part 4 includes lots of neat community creations, so head over there and pretend that it's all part of this blog post.