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Couldn't ya see the bloody bombs?

October 26, 2010 - TF2 Team

We've been fairly busy around the office this week after it was mandated that browsing International Stately Hats of Nationals was not a good use of time and there was work to be done on the next update.

Are you prepared to make your mother proud? We've joined up with Kritzkast to determine what the Demoman really said during his diatribe in Meet the Demoman. Our sensitive ears are incapable of determining exactly what was said so it's best left to the experts. The funniest clean entry, funniest not so clean entry, and most accurate will all receive prizes. Recording your brother being dominated in Dustbowl is not a valid entry.

When you're done yelling into your microphone, check out this fine Sticky Bomb Plush now available in the Valve Store! Available in Red and Blue these are identical to the in-game variety except they're cloth, have fewer spikes, won't stick to surfaces, and can't detonate.

While we're here, we thought we should also mention that My Gaming Edge has continued working on their training mod designed around 1v1 play. The first player to 20 points wins the duel, and while changing classes might give you an upper hand it will award your opponent a point. The mod also features several arenas each with different class restrictions, and an ELO rating system to track player statistics. Awesome stuff.

Last of all, the fine gentleman behind the original interactive video, "A Heavy's 2fort Adventure" has released a new video with an even longer title, "A Granary Adventure: The Underdog Story" . Watching the Pyro flee brings smiles all around as it reminds us of all the times we've chased down a fleeing Eric Smith in our internal playtests.