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July 15, 2010 - Robin Walker

After our usual delay, we're proud to announce we've finished the utterly impossible task of selecting the winners of the Polycount Contest. These five lucky individuals will soon receive the unbridled adoration of the TF2 community when we release their packs in an update. Unluckily for them, we're also going to attach gameplay attributes (probably of a game destroying nature) to these items, sullying their perfect work with our clumsy attempts at game design. Anyway, enough mucking about, head over and see who won!

The Gasman (pyro)
Tank Buster (Soldier)
Special Delivery (Scout)
Croc-o-style (Sniper)
Saharan Spy (Spy)

In other good news, the chaps over at CEVO dropped us a line to say that registration for the CEVO TF2 Season 6 tournament has just opened up. With three skill divisions, it's a great place to play some competitive TF2 matches, even for relative beginners. They're trying to convince those of us in the Valve TF2 team to play in the Amateur division as well, which would be possible if we ever figured out how to curb our usual desire to cheat spectacularly.

Note: The current top 4 TF2 teams in North America (Complexity, Blight-fanom, eMazing Gaming, Nexus) will be battling it out this weekend at the ESEA season 6 LAN in Texas. The top CS:S and CS 1.6 teams will also be there. will be covering all 3 games.