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Operation Galvanized Gauntlet

September 12, 2023 - TF2 Team

(Image credit: washy)

The ever-persistent hordes of possibly late and definitely murderous robots have banded together for one sole purpose: delivering high-yield explosives to random locations all across the badlands! Unfortunately for them, murderous robots aren’t allowed to enjoy explosions, so they’ll be blown up for our enjoyment instead!

Operation Galvanized Gauntlet is a charity event created and hosted by Potato.TF. Fight your way through more than two dozen community-created maps and missions to finish off the summer and complete at least 12 missions to receive an in-game medal! Servers are available in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Click here to get started!

Feeling generous? Potato.TF is also hosting a charity fundraiser supporting Direct Relief's efforts to help those affected by Hawaii's wildfires. Donate as little as $5 to receive an in-game medal! Have the link to your steam profile ready and click here for more information.

Destroy those robots while you can! The event will run through October 10th, 2023.

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