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Dueling Doubles Tournament

December 6, 2021 - TF2 Team

(Image credit: Requim, kevin supermarket, and agrastiOs)

T'is the season to celebrate the holidays with friends and family... a perfect time to sign yourself and your best mate up for WAR!

Come one, come all! The Fortress Faceoffs team has partnered with Divergent Media to deliver a special gift for you this Smissmas season! Bring your friends (just two though, please) to compete in a 2-on-2 tournament with a unique spin on a popular game mode! Players will fight against pairs of any two classes with a catch: each one has a limited selection of weapons in their arsenal! Run the gauntlet with a friend as two different classes to form the best combo since 2Fort and defeat your enemies 20 times to win (like in MGE)! Maps have been chosen to provide the most even balance for all 9 classes, and weapons are hand-picked to keep Scout's health insurance in good shape. The top 8 champions will have games streamed live on the Fortress Faceoffs and Divergent Media Twitch channels!

Sign up for Dueling Doubles today to get your spot before they run out! The competition starts December 27th @ 1PM ET / 13:00 CET and will last for around one week. For more info about event rules, weapons, and more, join the Fortress Faceoffs Discord and aim for that high score!