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Did you play it once or twice, but found it too complicated? YOU ARE A COWARD. But there IS a solution!
Have you heard a lot about it and would like to start, but are concerned by your lack of experience? Do you see yourself blubbering uncontrollably, surrounded by a ring of battle-hardened veterans who ridicule you for the slightest misstep? THIS WILL HAPPEN AND THEY ARE RIGHT TO TAUNT YOU. But there is an answer!
Get yourself up to snuff, away from the judging eyes of others, with the Team Fortress Training Mode, where you'll learn the skills you'll need to survive on the battlefield, or brush up on the skills you let atrophy through the endless chain of poor decisions that you call a life!

Then, once you've mastered the basics, head over to Offline Practice Mode to square off against our state-of-the-art bots. Human teammates might judge you, but will these soulless automatons? YES. They're not blind. But they ARE mute, so your incompetence is a secret they will take to their grave.