Q. If I buy an item, when can I trade it?

There is a one week delay before items purchased from the Mann Co. Store or the Steam Community Market can be traded.

Q. Can I buy any item?

Yes, this new feature allows you to buy any configuration of items that are currently for sale in the Mann Co. Store.

Q. Does Steam have a full item store online?

No, but anybody can create a link to buy any item that is currently for sale in the Mann Co. Store.

Q. If I click a link to buy an item outside of the Mann Co. Store, is my payment
information safe?

Yes. All purchases are performed on Steam's network. The link just tells us what items you want to buy. However, as always, you should watch for scam websites that mimic the look and feel of the real Steam store. Always verify that you are on steampowered.com before making any purchases for your Steam account. The address bar in your browser should look like one of these:

Q. Can I purchase an item for somebody else as a gift?

Yes, but itís a little tricky in this initial release. Any item you purchase will be added to your in-game backpack. From there, you are free to trade the item (after any applicable waiting period) or gift wrap it and send it to another user. If you choose to gift wrap an item, you'll have to purchase the gift wrap separately and then wrap and send it in-game.

Q. Can I purchase another user's item with "Buy Now?"

The "Buy Now" button is meant to mirror the in-game Mann Co. Store and does not allow purchasing of other users' items.

Q. Can I purchase unusuals or other special items with Buy Now?

"Buy Now" is simply a way to purchase items that are currently available in the in-game Mann Co. Store, via the Web.

Q. What currencies can I buy items with?

Transactions can be funded by the same Steam Wallet payment method used in the in-game store. The Steam wallet currently supports US dollars, British pound sterlings, Euros, and Russian rubles. We do not accept ear buds, bitcoins, or Professorland Fun Bucks.

Q. How do I create a link to an item?

The link contains the game's AppID and the item's definition index. For example, to create a link to buy the high-five taunt, you would link to: https://store.steampowered.com/buyitem/440/167 where 440 represents TF2ís AppID and 167 is the item definition index for the high-five taunt. A full list of items and their definition indices may be obtained from the GetSchema Web API.

Q. Where can I find the 'Buy Now' button image?

You can download it here.

Q. How do I create a link to buy multiple of the same item?

Just append a slash and the quantity after the item definition index. For example, to create a link to buy five keys, you would link to: https://store.steampowered.com/buyitem/440/5021/5

Q. Can I create links to a bunch of different items?

Yes, but it's more complicated. You'll need to create an array of assets in either the GET or POST parameters. For example, to create a link to buy the high-five taunt and five keys, link to: https://store.steampowered.com/buyitem/440/?assets[0][id]=5021&assets[0][q]=5&assets[1][id]=167 . In this example, the quantity for the second item is not specified and will default to one.